No Sunday Chuckle

Sorry folks! We live in extraordinary times, and I have not had any Sunday Chuckles to share with you this week. Instead, to create a virtual social gathering spot, I have been live streaming on Facebook. On Friday night I went an hour and 20 minutes, and it was a blast! I was taking questions and they were coming fast and furious.  Participants included your Heavy Metal Overlord, radio host Robert Daniels, and Blaze Bayley expert, Mr. Harrison Kopp.




As this current crisis continues, I will be doing more live streaming. Feel free to join me.


    1. I can for sure shoot you an email when I’m about to go live. Unfortunately Facebook just makes it really easy to live stream and the ease of it means I’ll probably continue to use that platform for now. Email is always the best way to get a hold of me.


  1. Aw, no laughs today?, oh well, I’ll see what Holen can do about that. Next time let me know and I can provide you with one I’ve got sitting around.

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        1. I like how she plays up her crazy side on Stranger Things. She’s talented and maybe a bit eccentric and I think she’s probably as normal as any of us.


        2. Here’s a true story. I went out to buy some granola bars at the store today and all they had was the Fiber One kind since everyone is losing their shit about the retarded Covid-19 shit. So I bought a five pack and ate them all on the way home. Now I’m farting at a rate I didn’t even know was possible, and my last two bowel movements can only be described as creamy, liquid, and explosive. I never knew diarrhea could be this pleasant honestly. Really, it’s great.

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        3. All right. You ever have deja vu? Because I swear looking at that last post of mine about the pooping I’ve seen before verbatim, but not just that. The Gene Simmons – ‘The Vault’ being next to it under “RECENT ‘LIKES’ of ROCK”. I’ve been experience deja vu with increasing frequency recently. It’s like every moment I’ve lived before. Here’s a hypothesis for you.

          What if after we die we simply start over at the beginning of our life again? And each time we die, we remember more from our past life? The closer we get to our death, the more we remember. How’s about that for a theory?

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        4. The Gene Simmons The Vault is being done in 15 parts, the quantifiers of said parts in the title are too far along to be seen. Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy

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        5. Alien Resurrection? I’m sorry buddy. I’m not a fan of that one. At all. I mean I flat out think it’s one of my least favorite films of all time. Alien 3 wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Not that good, but Alien Resurrection just seemed pointless, bad, too ’90s, blech! 1 & 2 are immutable classics though.


        6. Yes, Alien 3 = (especially the assembly cut) Great.

          But Alien Resurrection = Fun and enjoyable for the most part, up until the newborn section

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