Live Stream – More Vinyl & Special Guests – Saturday May 9

Pardon the technical difficulties, we had some audio lag and some viewers experienced frozen video. I think we pushed the limits of what Facebook and our own bandwidth could handle.

The best live stream of the series so far is available for you to watch below! We went for 90 minutes and featured so much vinyl your head will spin. We also had three special guests joining us: Dr. Kathryn Ladano, Uncle Meat, Scotty P, all local legends in their own rights!


  1. Just watching the stream now. It was good to see the guests. Huge Dio fan myself. Probably saw him live over 10 times. I think there was a Dio a show in town every 2-3 years.

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  2. I wasn’t able to make much, but loved the guest! I saw two of them, mostly Scott. Glad to see you got the double screen working. I hate I missed a lot of the albums, but saw a lot of the 45’s. I will go back and check it out in full.

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    1. Thanks! I will try the split screen again next week. Hopefully we have a smoother stream next week without the audio lag and freezing problems, but we’re all just learning here!

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  3. MSG? I liked them with Robin singing. Have u checked out the new Black Swan? My favorite BJ albums are first one, these days, crush and new jersey. Flexi disc? Got a few of those. They were freebies inside music magazines. Never got into singles or eps, kinda worksome to listen, flipping the side or replaying the same song over,never been so into just watching the covers. Had a friend who collected picture disc and singles, those were fun to get signed, almost always getting comments from the artists like never seen this or what is this? Wasp I think i have the real me single? I remember this long gone record store had that codpiece shaped picture single of animal on display on their window for years.

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  4. I missed Maiden Japan!? That’s the only vinyl record I have. It is also my only copy with all 5 songs, and I have three copies (technically). And I paid about 35AUD for mine.

    WHAT? Point of Entry has some of the worst Priest cover art. So boring. But yes it is better than Ram It Down.

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    1. Totally by accident. We have tried before and nothing happened. This time it was different and nobody knows why. Hopefully I’ll have some new equipment in a few weeks and be done with mirrored images and vertical video. Web cams are very hard to come by right now (understandable).

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      1. We’ve been going through some video chat tech stuff with the kids’ school from home. Teachers have been trying to set up video chats so the kids can see each other, which is awesome. Of course, within the school board’s parameters, there are only a couple of services they can use, for whatever security or system reasons, but there have been good and bad things about each one they’ve used. Within family, we had pretty good luck with Facetime on iPad/iPhone, even with multiple participants. Anyway, if you can find something that works with what you have, rawk! If you can get new gear to make it even easier, rawk!

        I understand how things are sold out. With everyone quarantined and growing bored, new podcast start-ups will be through the roof! I even tried it from here (without publishing anything), just used the iMac built-in webcam and my old Blue Snowball microphone. Worked fine, if not super HD or anything. I also have a DSLR and a cell phone, so I’d imagine anything with a camera would be just fine if the content was worthwhile. Your chats and live stream excursions are awesome. It’s unlikely I’d be able to pull it off as well as you have, and I doubt folks would want to look at my mug, so hats off to you!

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