Live Stream – “Nigel Tufnel Top Ten” RUSH albums & more! – Saturday May 16

Missed the May 16 live stream? No problem. Watch LeBrain and special guest Uncle Meat below, discussing favourite Rush albums. Then LeBrain dives into Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath singles, and finally makes a surprise purchase live on the stream! We also pay tribute to Fred Willard who passed away at age 86. We’ll miss you Fred.

There has been an audio lag issue with the Facebook live streams which looks like an issue that happens when one person leaves during a split screen.  Going forward I will either have to reboot the stream at that point or use another platform.  Apologies for the audio lag.  Enjoy the show.




  1. Community!

    I appreciate the Harrison-centric second half of the stream. I hope the others found it interesting too.

    But you won’t be able to fudge the numbers when Mrs Lebrain asks how much Headless Cross was.

    Also, it’s called “Headless Cross”, but the cover art of the single only shows the head of the cross.

    By the way, the “BUY THE IMPORT THEN!” was just a joke because you said when you bought it we’d get a reissue. But I think things turned out alright in the end.

    Tony Martin on “Changes”, by the way, is great.



    Man, I love the Rush. It’s been a couple of days since I heard them, time to get back at ‘er! I wonder who sent me all of this Rush I have here… oh right! IT WAS YOU!! Man I am forever in your debt.

    Speaking of, I was going through old videos, watching the old cute kids videos, and came across an old CD Whisperer (omg remember that) video where I went through this giant box of stuff you sent me. Like, an embarassment of riches. Update: Those are all still here, to my knowledge!


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