Live Stream – Uncle Don Don Cutoff Shorts Countdown, Interview with Geoff Stephen, Unboxings & Guests

Thanks for watching the Saturday live stream! If you missed any of it, it is now available below via YouTube. I ran into numerous technical issues, so apologies are in order for bad audio, bad video and audio lag.

Content-wise though, woah nelly! You are in for a treat. Here are some highlights:

For a live interview with Geoff Stephen of 1001 Albums in 10 Years, skip ahead to 0:07:00!  He is doing something really special for healthcare workers, so check out what he has to say.

To check out some unboxings, go to 0:12:40 of the stream.

BONUS FOOTAGE – For a sneak peak at an animation test (not part of the actual live stream) you must go to 1:26:06.

For the Uncle Don Don Cutoff Shorts Countdown, start at 1:26:10 of the stream.

For a special Star Wars chat with all-around awesome guy Kovaflyer, go to 2:01:30 of the stream!

Technical issues aside, this live stream set one new record.  It represents the longest span of time in a single day.  I’ve done longer streams but this one had segments ranging from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, a 14 hour range.  It was fun for me and I hope you enjoy despite the quality problems.


    1. Do you know that James has repeatedly offered me $7 to eat a stick and a worm? What do you think of this? Do you think James should be encouraging such silly nonsense?

      $7. Pahhhh.


        1. OK well I’ve been doing something else that is just sillyness, called Ladano’s Wild Kingdom. When Jen and I are out on the patio at night, there are these giant earthworms. I decided to live stream earthworms on Friday night, and that’s when James made me the offer.

          You’d be surprised how many people are willing to just sit and watch earthworms on close-up on a Friday night. We live in new times.

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  1. For some reason I can’t reply to your comments after about two levels, so I’m replying anew here.

    I tried the quarantine beard – it was terrible, like the hair migrated from my head to my chin. Also, my lovely wife hated it. Also, it’s too hot. I’m wired warm and extra hair is just a bad scene. Glad there are others who can rock it!

    Maybe we should call James Earthworm Jim!

    Carl is a man cat. He is both. He is MAJESTY!


    1. Way too hot here to grow a beard. It’s been upwards of 90 degrees all week and humid. It’s awful. That’s Fahrenheit. Not celsius.


  2. Blasted thing deleted what I had to say. Right, what can I remember?

    I have the Dark force Rising comic from back in the day, I totally get the touching the camera during animation thing, I can definitely see how most of the studio series figures wouldn’t suit animation, though RotF Megatron would.

    Oh and of course, are you sure those were turkey bones? Mr Litwiller has advised we all remain vigilant around people who play with action figures.

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    1. HAHAHA OK Harrison you got me there. Those might not be turkey bones.

      You got to see some of my older animation in advance of everyone else. The new way is much smoother but, also limited in a way. I was doing dynamic camera movement while animating in my old stuff.

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  3. Mike, it was a pleasure chatting – funny to think about it now that we hadn’t actually ‘spoken’ before! The livestreams have been great community-building events & I’m pleased I was able to catch your ‘You Are The Champions’ rendition on the repeat broadcast!

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