Sunday Chuckle: Check In Call

On Saturday the phone rang.  I was expecting it to be my dad, since I had just attempted to call him.

“Hello!” I answered in a goofy Seinfeld-like voice.

“Well hello!” said the voice on the other end.  It kind of sounded like my favourite aunt.

“Hello!” I answered back in the same goofy voice.

“I’m just calling to check in and see how you’re doing in this pandemic!” said the voice on the other end.  It was not my aunt and my guard was now up.

“I’m doing great!” I said, not exactly lying, all things considered.

“This is Kathy calling from the Jehova’s Witnesses!”

I froze and reverted back to my basic phone instincts.  I hung up.

Long story shot, Kathy called back two more times thinking we just got disconnected.  The second time I still thought it was my dad!  It is comforting to know that the Jehova’s Witnesses have evolved to deal with the pandemic!  They are not able to go door to door, so now I have to avoid them in different ways!



  1. I don’t answer the phone if there isn’t a name on my caller ID which means, if I don’t have you programmed in to my phone or recognize your phone #, it is going to voice mail. And even then I won’t listen to the voice mail, I will read the transcript and delete a sales call. I haven’t received a JW call yet.

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  2. I’m with 2loud2oldmusic. Call display is a lifesaver. I’ve got my life pared down to such simplicity that recognize most numbers that will call our landline by memory, and those I don’t know will either be regarding something currently ongoing or a call I can ignore. Any I’m unsure about go to voice mail. Most immediately hang up = robocaller. Ugh.

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        1. Old rotaries were the best. Bob and I figured out all kinds of weird stuff you could do with those. We took ours apart a little bit to see the insides!


    1. I just did some further reading on your blog. Saw that you lived in Grain Valley. I guess you didn’t live in the neighborhood by Armstrong Park/the Police Station if your experience with the town was “quiet”. That area was dilapidated to say the least.


      1. The majority of the town is pretty much small town quiet. How rowdy can a town be that boasts a whole 5 stoplights. Still small town quiet. Even tiny towns have a bad block or two. Take care. Enjoy your day.

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        1. Sorry if the original post caused any offense. I was trying to be a bit humorous, and ended up just sounding rude. That wasn’t my intention!

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