The First LeBrain Live Streams – Watch ’em here if you missed ’em

It appears that I started this lockdown live streaming stuff on March 20th — a Friday.  I went live again on Saturday the 21st, and then for almost three straight hours on Friday March 27.  I started running out of gas on April 3, but kept plugging away anyway.  I started uploading my live streams to YouTube for those who missed them with the April 10 show.  The videos below are all the live streams that were previously unposted.

MARCH 20 – LOVE AT FIRST STREAM.  I was just messing around and people started watching.  We were fresh into lockdown (March 18) and looking for ways to connect with each other.

MARCH 21 – THE SECOND STREAM!  Live streaming was an addiction.

MARCH 27 – THE EPIC 2 HOUR 43 MINUTE STREAM OF MADNESS.  This was like a long-distance race.  Tremendously fun.  Music, Star Wars, Uncle Meat, and Harrison galore.

APRIL 3 – RUNNING OUT OF STREAM. “The Author Reads” was not a big hit. Lots of poo and fart content.


        1. Huh? I was just ambiguously asking if you and LeBrain could come and cross your streams on the cricket in my front lawn. He’s driving me nuts, so noisy. Two doses of foreign piss ought to set him straight.

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        1. OK, so long story short — he does his stream on Wednesday nights. We got a nice rain storm last night so I went out to live stream it for a few seconds. When I came back in, Rob was saying how he wished he could have shared the screen with me, but he called it “crossing the streams” too. LOL

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    1. Can’t believe we started this so long ago now! Coming up with fresh ideas has been challenging but fun. What’s up for this week? I dunno yet! But I’m not done yet if people will still be home.


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