Friday Evening Live Stream – Live Lists, Live Guests!

The stream returns to Friday night!  I like to shake it up and give everybody a chance to catch the show.

This week, I’ll be looking at some new arrivals at LeBrain HQ, talking shop, and most importantly — lists!

By request of Harrison the Mad Metal Man, this week we will be doing a “Nigel Tufnel Top Ten” list for Greatest Live Albums of All Time.  There will be at least three lists and, technical issues notwithstanding, at least one guest!

Join us Friday night, sometime after 6:00 PM, for the live stream action!  Facebook:  Michael Ladano


    1. Night streaming, deserves a quiet night
      Night streaming, I’m not sure all these people understand

      The bright tight ever drum cannot describe night streaming
      Deserves a quiet night

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Do you like the dark
        Do you like the way it moves
        Do you come alive when neon kills the sun
        Are you hypnotized?
        Part of the illusion
        Oh, see how they run
        It’s the mystery
        Poetry and passion
        Innocence and fashion
        Revolution, evolution ways
        Night people
        Are you satisfied?


    2. I’ll be clear — this doesn’t mean I won’t ALSO be on Saturday morning. It just means I’m not announcing it in case my insomnia fire up Friday night. But weather permitting it’s certainly possible you’ll see me on the porch Saturday.

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      1. So it was only Friday? Hope u got some shuteye too.Thanks for the broadcast it was fun as always. Need to find that Purple orchestra thing and hear what you are on about.


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