Experimental Saturday Live Stream

Trying out some new stuff today:  expect two test live streams at 2:00 PM EST and 6:00 PM EST.  As with past weeks, I will also be going live casually during the day.

The 2:00 PM test stream will feature a new guest.

The 6:00 PM test stream will feature yet another brand new guest, and another Nigel Tufnel Top Ten list.  This week we’re shaking up the subject matter and we’ll be counting down the Top Superhero Movies of all time.

I’m also expecting a musical delivery sometime Saturday, so I hope to do a cool unboxing.  This, you are going to love.

So, fingers crossed that all this stuff will work out!  Catch the action Saturday June 20.  Facebook:  Michael Ladano


Last week’s stream:


  1. Marvel marathon? Which is better release or chronological order? Which one is your favorite? Winter Soldier? Worst one? First Hulk? One of the Thor ones?

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    1. Well KK I prefer to watch them in order of release. That way, all the big reveals have the right impact. Captain Marvel is technically the second film chronologically. But I think it works better where it is, because it helps if you you have seen Guardians of the Galaxy to understand it all.

      Worst one? I would say Thor: The Dark Thor, or Iron Man 3.


  2. Random album selection at the moment is Bangalore Choir: On Target. All or nothing sounds a bit like Whitesnake? What’s your take on Bangalore Choir?


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