Guest Sunday Chuckle: The WTF Edition 2

Thussy here with another Sunday Chuckle Takeover.  You can buy absolutely anything on the internet, and is definitely a site that offers some of the weirder things.  Here comes another four that the powers-that-be think we cannot live without.

Chicken helmets, and they come in seven different colours.  I want to go out and buy a chicken just to buy it a little helmet.  Ride down the road on a motorcycle with a chicken sitting on the gas tank.  Pull up to a biker bar with little Oscar Goldman.*

A home laser tattoo removal system.  There are some things that should never be done at home and tattoo removal is definitely one of them.  What are they going to sell next, My First Home Laser Eye Surgery Kit?  Don’t add another stupid decision to an already stupid tattoo choice.  If a professional put the tattoo on you get a professional to take it off you.

Where the hell was this when I was a kid?  A muffler for when you put a playing card in your spokes.  So then I wouldn’t just be annoying my parents riding around the driveway I could amplify it and annoy the entire neighbourhood.

Meat socks, all I know is my bacon budget would go way up because every time I wore these they make me crave bacon.  Also why is one of the options to make your socks looks like shoes, just wear shoes.




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