Saturday Live Stream! Guests Galore and Top Superhero Movies of all time!

Saturday’s show was not without its difficulties but it ended with another tremendous list.  The main event this week was a Nigel Tufnel Top Ten list for superhero movies.  The special guest for this epic segment was for the first time, the one and only Holen MaGroin!  We had lists submitted by Harrison the Mad Metal Man, John T. Snow, Rob Daniels, and of course Holen and myself.

I was excited because I knew, especially with guys like Rob and Holen, we were going to get interesting and diverse lists.  I expected Harrison to go mental, and I somewhat got that.  John Snow also came in with some out-of-the-box suggestions.  The lists were magnificent and it is fair to say that the overall winner was Batman, but in so many configurations that you will have to watch for yourself.  Honorary mentions to Christopher Reeve and Robert Downey Jr.  Enjoy the lists!  Start the stream at 1:24:20 if you only want to see the lists.

In another feature I tried to hook up with both Deke from Arena Rock and KMA‘s Aaron in his live stream debut!  Although I had difficulty hearing Deke, this brief segment can be found at 0:59:50 of the stream.

I also unboxed my latest musical arrival, Gordon Downie‘s Secret Path, both the CD and the graphic novel.  Because they were shipped separately, the unboxings can be found at 0:47:45 and 1:11:55.

BONUS:  Not part of the live stream, but I did get some video of a chimpmunk playing hide & seek with me.  For Ladano’s Wild Kingdom, hit up 0:19:08 of the stream!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s fun, and hopefully next time I won’t have as many technical issues!



  1. Thank you for including me in one of your broadcasts, an honour! Cool to get Deke involved too. So far I’ve only watched back our bit, to see how the sound worked out. I can hear that I needed to allow time for delay – a few times I sounded like I was interrupting folks! A short trip, but fun. Thanks Dude! I will watch back the rest, too. But not today, it’s Father’s Day and there’s a roast in the cooker…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A roast!! Nice. Happy Father’s Day man! We did steaks for my dad. Because I’m basically a food pornographer now, I’ll post some pics tomorrow. LOL

      Next time we do this it will go better, whether with Zoom or some other way. If others can figure it out, so can I!


  2. Upon reflection I would alter this list slightly, bumping up Iron Man 2 and lowering Batman Begins

    You’re an ewww!

    Also, I’m very pleasantly surprised to see Into The Spiderverse didn’t make any lists, and genuinely surprised that Days of Future Past only made mine.


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