REVIEW: Nita Strauss – Controlled Chaos (2018)

NITA STRAUSS – Controlled Chaos (2018 Sumerian Records)

Nita Strauss became a household name touring the world and playing lead guitar with Alice Cooper.  Her natural ability and charisma ensured that the next question would be “when is she putting out a solo album?”  In 2018 Strauss released her entirely instrumental debut Controlled Chaos, playing everything except drums and keyboards.

Her choppy rhythm on “Alegria” soon gives way to extremely melodic (and fast) lead work.  Strauss’ talent seems to be taking a melody and making it as exciting as possible with only six strings.  There are shades of Yngwie, Joe and other assorted big-namer instrumentalists without sounding like any specific one.  The weakness is unfortunately the drums (by Josh Villalta) which are robotic and flat.  “Our Most Desperate Hour” sports blurry fast drum blitzes that should be exciting but instead sound artificial.  Worst track:  “Mariana Trench” due to long stretches of bland double bass.  Fortunately this album is more about the guitar.  Lots and lots of guitar.

Track after track, Nita blazes a tapestry of technique.  Her guitar creates moods — tension is in the air.  But she also does excellent ballads.  “Here With You” is the first.  Guitar instrumental ballads are a thing unto themselves.  She creates a powerful presence on “Here With You” with layers of guitars working together.

“The Stillness at the End” is a an examination of one of Nita’s techniques: densely layered guitars in harmony.  Here she mostly forgoes speed in favour of building up the melodies.  Keyboards are used sparingly, such as the intro to “The Quest” which goes full Yngwie in dragon-hunting mode.  But ballads like “Hope Grows” might give us a better look at Nita’s inner workings.  The sparse arrangement lets you really hear the feeling in her playing.  She has an excellent sense of composition, knowing exactly when to throw on some emphasis.  Indeed, I’ll go out on a limb and say that the ballads are the best tracks.

“Lion Among Wolves”, “Pandemonium 2.0” and “The Show Must Go On” all have their own guitar thrills to enjoy.  “Pandemonium” stands out due to an excellent outro guitar melody.  And if you’re wondering, “Hey, is ‘The Show Must Go On'” the old Queen song?  Indeed it is, featuring Nita sharing the stage with a cello (Tina Guo).  Great choice on which to end the album.  The cello solo is freaky.

Controlled Chaos is a good debut.  The drums are a sonic stumbling block.  As far as playing, composition and entertainment, Nita delivers the goods.  The songs could use a little more variety to give them album some texture, but there is plenty of room for Strauss to grow as her career is just going to get bigger.

3/5 stars



  1. I’m pretty sure that’s her boyfriend/manager on drums. Because having your significant other as your manager always works out…

    Most of these instrumental guitar showmanship records are adolescent wank-fests with zero emotion or authenticity. I got that impression from “Our Most Desperate Hour”, not so much because of Nita but because of the shitty drumming. These records just aren’t very revelatory or exciting. How much can you do just featuring a guitar over LP length? Enough to hold interest for a few songs, but it all just runs together after that. It’s usually full speed ahead too, not very dynamic. People that don’t understand that Gilmour is a far more interesting guitar player than Yngwie Malmsteen. As far as the genre goes, Vai is good, Yngwie has his moments, and Satriani is on another level. Maybe if some of the other instruments were allowed to share the limelight at points it would be interesting. A bass heavy song, a drum heavy song, or a song where everyone goes off, like Rush instrumentals.

    That’s a god damned guitar player!

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    1. Correct on the boyfriend/manager. I decided to leave that out of the review because, well, I really could have let loose on the drums here. I really hate them. So I held back, admittedly, and I just decided “try to be kind, Mike”, because in 2020 I’m trying to do that more. A little more anyway.

      And yes, Gilmour, you certainly don’t need to convince me. He can bend a note and make it sound like you just heard a symphony.


  2. 3 out of 5 isn’t too bad. I agree on the drums, but I loved her playing and was really impressed. Like Satriani, I can just put it on and forget about things for awhile. It is melodic enough to hold my attention and she kept my interest with her playing that I found this to be a great start to what I hope are some more future solo albums.

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    1. I do believe she has been writing her second album during lockdown! She is very busy that is for sure. I believe she considers herself a workaholic and I guess you have to be, in order to be one of the greatest guitar players to come out in recent years! And to be with Alice, I think you need a terrific work ethic and discipline.

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  3. No argument , no confrontation , but I have to disagree with you Mike . Josh’s drumming is INCREDIBLE !!!!! He POUNDS !!!! And it goes perfectly with Nita’s guitar . I got onto them late , only this year but no , I think they’re a powerhouse duo !!! Josh ROCKS !!!!!

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    1. Thanks Trevor. I know that it’s not necessarily a popular opinion that I have. But I can’t seem to get past it. The drums just are not to my taste I guess? Anyway thanks for the comment…I hope Nita continues to do awesome.


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