#839: Stop Thief!

GETTING MORE TALE #839: Stop Thief!

I’ve only been a victim of theft a couple times, but both times it felt like such a violation.  My car was broken into about 20 years ago, and my old Discman was swiped, along with my CD of Kettle of Fish by Fish.  I always hoped the thieves learned to like some good music because of me, but in reality they probably ejected the disc from a moving vehicle.

I’ve worried about mail theft over the years, but never failed to get a refund if a parcel didn’t show up.  It’s trickier now in the days of Amazon.  They have their own delivery drivers, and when they drop a box on your porch, they take a picture of it and call it “delivered”.  There is nothing to protect you if someone grabs it after the driver is gone.  Amazon won’t refund it.  You’d think paying for Amazon Prime delivery would offer you some protection, but it does not.  You’re actually better off having something sent in the mail.

I ordered a parcel from Amazon recently, and it was stolen right from my door.  Our condo has a controlled front entrance, but anybody can get in if they wait for someone to open the door for them.  My theory is that this is what happened.  Perhaps the Amazon driver was delivering a package, was buzzed in, and let someone else in with them.  Typically an Amazon driver will be delivering to multiple residents in one trip, and only one has to buzz them in.

Nobody was home at that time, so the driver left the parcel at my door, and took a picture of it.  That’s all they have to do.  I’ve never had a parcel stolen from my door, until this week.

When Amazon showed my parcel as “delivered”, with that nice little photo attached, I knew someone had snatched it while we were out.  Jen began making phone calls to get security footage reviewed, and then suddenly she received a call from the police!

Whoever stole my parcel ditched it, unopened, in a park nearby.  Someone else found it and called the police, who returned it to us!

I am comforted by the fact that the bad person who stole my parcel was balanced out by a good person who also could have stolen it, but didn’t.  They did the right thing and because of them, I have my Captain America action figures.

Captain America figures?  Is that what all this fuss is about?

I ordered Cap & Peggy Carter, Captain Marvel, and Ghost & Luis.  I’d been looking forward to them all weekend.  But that turned to pure anger when I thought they had been stolen right from my door.  The violation made me furious but when the police returned it, I was so grateful. Thank you Waterloo Regional Police Service.

There are lots of other people who live in this building, and any one of them could have lost a delivery too.  Highly unlikely that it was just me.  I understand they caught the thief so I hope all my neighbours can sleep better tonight.  I feel better now.


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  1. As you said it’s good to see great people out there as well.
    My bike was stolen from work 5 years just after Fathers Day as the girls got it for me as a gift. A couple of ASS Hats cut the lock from the bike rack at work and stole 3 other bikes.

    As luck would have it. A couple were walking past seen the ass hats in action called the cops and I got my bike back as the cop told me they were riding my bike without a seat as I always take the seat with me as who would steal a bike without a seat lol

    Cop also told me that the kid had warrants out and was carrying I think it was 3 shanks on him.
    The police said if u ever see someone stealing something call it in don’t approach them as some dudes are wired and won’t think twice about using a shank.

    Sound Advice!

    I went back to the Police Station the next day with a couple of gift cards for the two Police officers.

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    1. I’ll like to see the numbnuts riding the bike without a seat!

      Biking is something I’d like to get back into, but not in the city, I would do it at the lake. However I would just buy a bike not steal one with no seat!

      Good advice from the cops on that. You never know who the crazies are.

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        1. There’s a good Great Big Sea song (fittingly titled, Good People) with the lyric:
          The world today can be a scary place;
          Hard to keep your faith in the human race.
          We’re runnin’ outta trees,
          And we’re runnin’ outta space,
          But we’ll never run out of good people

          And I’m pleased that the last line is true!


  2. That sucks Mike! Glad it worked out. I had a package that showed delivered and they said it was given to someone at the residence. No picture. Well, there was no package delivered as my wife was home all day and she never accepted anything, 12 hours later, it was on the doorstep. Not sure what the heck happened there, but at least it wasn’t stolen.

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  3. Great news you got your package back. Many years ago, I had an order of books, (Rock and Roll Children), delivered to my door. No one was in so the delivery driver forged a signature and dropped them by my front door. They were stolen. As it was close to Christmas, whoever took it thought it was going to be free pressies. Anyway, after many angry emails with the publisher, I finally got a new delivery of books and this time, when no one was in, the delivery driver at least put them around the back. I never got an apology from the delivery company.

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      1. You are in luck. I have several in stock and get post a copy to you with a personalised autograph from the author. The downside is that with the cost of shipping, the total comes to $54 (Canadian). Let me know if you would like a copy.

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  4. Cool to hear that you got your purchases back. I remember I ordered a wine box in the morning and in the afternoon it told me it was delivered which was impossible because of the distance needed to be travelled.
    It basically started a long process to get my money back as the seller wouldn’t refund me even though I never got the damn product.
    Fast forward many years later a delivery driver was busted for keeping purchases and surprise surprise it was him who kept the wine.

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    1. Surprise surprise, yeah that’s a shocker ending if there ever was one.

      It’s sad that mail theft is becoming such a common problem. I know there are desperate people out there but there are also greedy people too. Fortunately I’ve made arrangements with a recently retired neighbour that he will get my parcels for me if they are at my door.

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