Bonus Saturday Stream – The Uncle Don Don Box of CDs


  1. Sad to see the Dire Straits had to be passed on. Not familiar with most of the other ones, even if I’ve seen them in my dad’s collection. Nobody’s Perfect is the pick of the bunch to these ears.

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    1. Funny thing. He didn’t like live music that much. I don’t think he knew it was live when he bought it. I remember he was disappointed when I got a live version of “Child in Time” instead of the original. But, Nobody’s Perfect has an excellent version of “Child In Time”.

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  2. I also bought a late 80’s Sabbath Bloody Sabbath disc at a record fair that looked completely new. In fact, basically every CD I’ve bought at a record fair has been close to, if not, immaculate.

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  3. God, how in the heck did I miss this. I remember writing about Uncle Don but I missed the video. Where was I last June? Looks like the CDs got wet at some point with all of those sticky covers… Sarah has some Rough Trade. I know nothing about them… Haywire is putrid…

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