For Those About to Stream, Deke & LeBrain Salute You – Friday Live Show

The Technical Issue gods were merciful last night, and they connected Deke in Thunder Bay with LeBrain Summer HQ in Southern Ontario with only minor issues!  In the episode we call “Seek the Deke”, we counted down the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten AC/DC albums of all time.  Featured lists were submitted by:

A total of seven lists — the most I’ve done on these shows.  And of course I messed it up at least twice!  You might think that with so many lists and so few AC/DC albums, it might be a boring show.  It’s not.  When you include different versions of albums and a few off the beaten track, it was quite an enjoyable show with great comments.

By request of Deke I’ve left in the pre-stream portion of the show because I spilled ginger ale on my nose.

To skip straight to the AC/DC lists, go to 0:16:30 of the stream.

For the ginger ale, start at 0:13:45 of the stream.

Sorry the top of my head is cut off.  I can’t see myself properly on the Facebook app.  Enjoy the stream!




  1. that was fun. Thanks a bunch. U and Deke are fun to listen to. U asked for a list of ballads. Making it all time all genres is too difficult so I’m cheating and makin a hard rock list instead. So here’s mine:
    my immortal Evanescence
    close my eyes forever Ozzy and Lita
    edie(Ciao Baby) The Cult
    love bites def leppard
    love hurts nazareth
    a tout le monde megadeth
    silent lucidity queensryche
    empty rooms gary moore
    tears of the dragon dickinson
    i can’t stop lovin you van halen
    I don’t love u anymore the Quireboys

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  2. Most of ’74 Jailbreak is songs from the Australian High Voltage. So Meat and I basically had the same #9, only with some extra stuff on the full EP.


  3. Also TNT is basically international high voltage only with a Chuck berry cover “School Days” and the song “Rocker” instead of “Little Lover” and “She’s got Balls”.


  4. Commenting as I watch. There is no Australian version of Powerage, or I mean it’s the same as the international. The UK version has some longer takes of songs and a rough mix, and it does not contain Rock n Roll Damnation. They had a UK tour I think so they had to put the record out there first. So it’s unfinished. I believe it also as Cold Hearted Man instead of Damnation.


  5. Here’s the tracklisting for Let There Be Rock according to my local CD store (the disc that was a mix of the two releases apparently)

    Go Down
    Dog Eat Dog
    Let There Be Rock
    Bad Boy Boogie
    Problem Child (Overdose on domestic release)
    Crabsody In Blue (Overdose on international release)
    Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be
    Whole Lotta Rosie


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