Friday Streaming N’ Balladeering

Live streaming returns, and so does Uncle Meat!  This week’s theme was a challenge and there will be at least five lists.  On Friday night, tune in for a Nigel Tufnel Top Ten Ballads.

Barring the usual technical issues and assorted problems, the Meat Man will be co-hosting Friday July 3 around 7:00 PM EST.  The lists will be diverse and it won’t just be the usual suspects.  Meat has promised a very different kind of list for my show, and we have another list from a legendary rock fan who hasn’t had one featured yet.

Don’t be “Alone Again” on a Friday night.  Are you still loving lists?  Because the lists are “Still Loving You”!  You’ll be in “Heaven” with these songs.  Check out the broadcast right here from “Home Sweet Home”.  It’s “Just One Night” so don’t miss it!  It’s coming soon, you just need a little “Patience”.

Facebook:  Michael Ladano



        1. This is the best ballad ever.

          If you think it’s boring (you probably will) just change the subject. My heart can’t take it.


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