The Greatest Live Albums of All Time – Deke and LeBrain Counting ‘Em Down Again!

We thought we were counting down the next 11 live abums of all time —  Nigel Tufnel’s Next Top Ten, #12 to 22 — but Deke and I received so many lists from people new and old that we actually did plenty of 1-11 lists too.  Confusing?  Maybe.  Fun?  Absolutely!

With live album lists from:

You’ll find a tremendous variety of material in these lists, from several sections of the record store. Some truly out of the box lists here, and I hope you’ll be inspired to check out some of these albums.

I also did a new release unboxing from John T. Snow.  To skip directly that, watch from 0:08:40 of the stream.

For the commencement of the lists, skip to 0:10:55 of the stream.

Attention Aaron:  Go to 0:19:35 of the stream!

To see a neat video of underwater rocks that I was uploading as the stream began, check out 0:02:50.




After some viewer feedback and discussion, I’ve decided to make some changes for the next streams.  While I’m thrilled beyond words that this has become a popular thing, 10 lists is a record.  I’d like to scale things back again to the earlier days of the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten lists.  Five lists?   Six tops?  That’s a good number, and it’s perfect for the viewer to absorb.  The featured lists would belong to the two co-hosts, and the rest to contributors.  There have been so many list submissions from such a variety of people that I hate to have to exclude anyone at all, but I need to keep it manageable.

I’m not sure how to decide what lists to use if 10 people want to submit lists again.  When I do a show on soundtracks (this is being planned) then obviously I need to feature a Rob Daniels list.  It’s also a delight to get new names included, so first-timers have to be considered too.  Suggestions on deciding these things are welcome.

We have time to figure it out.  Deke is an eager co-host, and I love the Thunder Bay perspective that he brings to his episodes.  He has some cool ideas that I am excited about, and next week’s show could be a completely different format.  There have been plenty of list idea submissions too — I think we have at least 10 or 12 more to do.  There will be other co-hosts in the second seat as well.  Glitchy as it may be at times, Facebook Live continues to be the best platform for these live streams.  (Fortunately for the non-Facebookers, I can get the Youtube video up the next day.)  I’ll be continuing to use it in the foreseeable future.  The screen sharing ability is terrific.  If Zoom can be used to stream openly on Facebook (which has my biggest audience) then please comment below.  Otherwise I’m going to use the Facebook Live screen-sharing ability for cohosting duties.  It seems only certain mobile devices have this ability; you’ll know if you see a green prompt informing you that you can join the stream.

Leaner.  Meaner.  Streamer.  Let’s keep this summer rocking.





    1. Watching the whole thing now I know it wasn’t clear. I did put in 11-1 last time, this 11-1 was meant to be 22-12. I was thinking 11 more, so yes. That’s what I meant by missing Hendrix on my official list, and forgetting Jane’s was a live album.

      This would be the list then.

      22. Jane’s Addiction – Jane’s Addiction (1987)
      21. Sam Kinison – Louder Than Hell
      20. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band – Live 1975-1985
      19. Bob Marley & the Wailers – Live!
      18. Accept – Staying a Life
      17. Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains the Same
      16. George Carlin – Jamming in New York
      15. Oingo Boingo – Boingo Alive
      14. Ozzy Osbourne/Randy Rhoads – Tribute
      13. Richard Pryor – Live on the Sunset Strip
      12. Jimi Hendrix – Band of Gypsys
      11. Plays Live – Peter Gabriel
      10. Exit Stage… Left – Rush
      9. Double Live Gonzo – Ted Nugent
      8. Live After Death – Iron Maiden
      7. Unleashed in the East – Judas Priest
      6. Alive! – Kiss
      5. Live and Dangerous – Thin Lizzy
      4. At Fillmore East – Allman Brothers Band
      3. If You Want Blood You’ve Got It – AC/DC
      2. At Budokan – Cheap Trick
      1. Live at Leeds – The Who

      Looking now I would have put Hendrix at #2.


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