Live Streamin’ Live Albums Part II

As every rock fan knows, a list of 11 favourite live albums barely scratches the surface.  Tonight check out LeBrain and Superdekes as we tackle the next 11 live albums on our lists!  Join us as we go off the beaten track.

We have lots of lists from participants old and new.  Deke and I have our hands full!  Check it out tonight.

Facebook:  Michael Ladano

Part I can be viewed below:


    1. You are correct Harrison, I haven’t confirmed the time with Deke yet but I’ll update you when I do. I want to do it around 7, or just before, as I also have an unboxing to perform! From somebody named Snow.

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  1. Just watching the stream. Many cool live albums, were there any recent ones? Could you do a list of live albums released in 2000 or after? Way cool to include Kinison. Louder than hell was my first Kinison album. Loved it so much that got the rest of them too. I’m missing Live from Hell. Haven’t seen it anywhere ever. Got that Benatar live album on cassette. It’s been decades since I’ve listened to it. I added my list in the comments way back. Now I would probably add Hanoi Rocks: All those wasted years and maybe Gary Moore: We want Moore!


  2. My first Saxon album was Crusader. We started Planet of the Apes marathon for the weekend and the start of the second one was unreal. For a moment I though that the actual news accidentally came on.


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