Casual Saturday Bonus Test Guest Stream starring Mr. Books and Sarca Sim!

Gratitude to Kevin / Buried On Mars for helping me get started with Streamyard.  Thanks to the insightful Mr. Mars, and thanks to the perseverance of Mr. Books, today we accomplished a few goals:

  1. Successfully test streamed with the one and only Aaron of the KMA on board, full video and audio, for the first time ever.
  2. Added a third participant.  The test volunteer today was the awesome Sarca from Caught Me Gaming!
  3. Cleared up some other issues when streaming with a co-host, such as mirrored images and working from a PC.

This test stream went on for an hour as our impromptu chat developed.  We talked music, guitars, the Community, Covid, school, Paul Rudd, and Skip the Dishes.  This little unofficial bonus episode is now available for you to watch below.  But the significance is huge to me.  Now I can have up to five additional co-hosts on future shows.  The game has changed.  The sky is the limit!



Does Aaron look like Paul Rudd?


    1. So I scanned through the whole video basically looking for good moments to freeze frame for the top photo (with the cat). And my impression from that was “Wow, Aaron is so expressive. He is doing something interesting with his hands or face in almost every frame.” True story. Anyway again I am just throwing down compliments. I had a lot of fun with this and when we get back to doing a regular “scripted” / “themed” show, I can’t wait to get your face on there.


    1. Well Bruce since Covid started I’ve been live streaming every week on Facebook Live, just to help keep people connected. Early on it became clear people wanted me to talk about music and I eventually figured out to stream with other people — and that catches us up to yesterday, when I started using Streamyard. It’s like a Zoom chat that I stream directly to Facebook. Starting next week I’ll be using Streamyard. First co-hosts lined up are Aaron and Deke and we are hammering out our theme. Some of the most popular shows have been list-based so next week we will be returning to that format with a music list. This all happens at, unfortunately, about 7 AM your time on Saturdays.

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