1980: In Depth Stream with Mike and Deke!

Thanks to Rob Daniels for this episode’s title!  This week Deke and I took a trip back to 1980 to discuss some 40 year old albums, in a little more depth than usual.  We each chose three to reminisce on.  There are dozens of critical albums we could have picked from that year, so we each chose three that we important to us on a personal level.

The stories flow like beer, and the laughter can be heard from one side of Ontario to the other.  Join us as Mike mocks the Leafs and Deke praises Buried On Mars.  (There is a good story about Mars’ site and one of the most important albums from 1980.)

Points of interest:

To start with some unboxings, go to 0:02:55 of the stream

The 1980 retrospective starts at 0:09:45 in the stream.

Attention:  Geoff Stephen!!  0:14:00.

For the Back In Black shenanigans skip to 1:28:20.

There’s some audio lag on the latter part of the video; sorry about that.  I hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did!



  1. Great show last night, couldn’t make it all of it. And I loved you brought up Fink’s comments on Kevin’s review. I don’t know if I will read that book now based on Fink’s comment…I would’ve read it based on Kevin’s review but Fink left a bad taste in my mouth.

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        1. No kidding. And then another hour yesterday. I asked Books if he was available to do a test. It wasn’t working so I went to the couch to watch American Dad. Next thing I know he’s emailing me saying he might have a workaround. I start streaming and boom there’s Mr. Books. Sarca shows up and suddenly we have spoken for over an HOUR. And this was for a morning test!


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