Epic 3+ Hour Live Stream! Concerts, Guests, Unboxing and Stories

That. Was. Epic.

Three (or four, or five, or six?) guests. Six lists. One unboxing. A marathon live stream like none before. Bear witness to the greatest Nigel Tufnel Top Ten list ever as we rhyme off our favourite concerts.

For the unboxing, go to 0:05:30 of the stream.

For the start of the lists, skip to 0:32:10.

Thank you Mom and T-Bone for your lists!  Thanks to Meat, Mr. Books, and Superdekes for co-hosting.  Special thanks to Rob Daniels for joining us at the end!  And as always thanks to YOU for watching!




  1. What a show!! I really like this setting of more than 1 guest. Awesome idea of favorite live shows.

    Here’s my list:
    dlr skyscraper tour 1988, I can still remember Roth on that diving board surfing over the audience and the amazement of seeing Steve Vai for the first time.

    black sabbath/ soulfly 2005, wearing Brasil soccer shirt a roadie came over and handed me the set list after soulfly played, was over the moon, and then Ozzy emptied that water bucket on us. So cool.

    lou reed, new york tour 1989 festival show, love new york

    ryan adams club show 2002, him not getting off stage , not sure what he was on but he just wouldn’t quit the show saying he has nowhere to go after the show so he just kept on playing and smoking so much that no smoke machine was needed. People kept leaving but I thought it was awesome
    manic street preachers 1999 James threw guitar into the audience, that show and the weather was so beautiful that it felt amazing to just listen to them in a beautiful summer night.

    J Mascis club show, Mascis sitting on a stool drinking kids soda with a straw and sucking on a lollipop. Good show.

    dio angry machines club show, never saw him in such a small venue.

    stone temple pilots club show core tour, pre internet days, weiland explained
    on stage the meaning of sex type thing since before the show I had asked him about the song
    waterboys fisherman’s blues tour festival show 1989, after the show early on the festival the band just sat in the circle backstage and jammed.

    pearl jam on neil young mirrorball tour 1993, eddie so drunk swinging microphone around and being in the first row, we had to duck everytime he swang the microphone over us. Never have had that kind of audience participation before.

    that’s all I can remember at the top of my head. Giving more thought the list could be totally different. Thanks for triggering these cool memories…


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