VIDEO: Geek VLOG 2.0 Time Well Wasted Episode 2.0

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by Mr. Sebastien Munier for his brand new Geek VLOG series. (Long time followers may remember Seb from my short-lived Tyler & LeBrain series of podcasts.)  His excellent new YouTube show features 10 questions for geeky friends.  Thank you Seb for having me on, it was an honour and I hope everyone subscribes to your new show.  I know I will continue watching.

Please enjoy the interview below.



  1. No Pepsi? Talking about Batman. We are just watching the Batman trilogy. Just barely made it through the first one. I fell asleep a couple of times. Second one was okey and tonight we’ll be watching the third one. What’s your opinion of the movies?

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    1. Well I prefer Coke myself, but I’m not picky. I will say personally there is nothing better than ice cold Coke out of a glass bottle — not a can.

      Not a Batman fan. I liked the first Christian Bale movie and that’s the best thing I can say.


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