Sunday Chuckle: Microwave Cuisine

The steel mill where I work has been there for decades.  As we clean it nooks and crannies preparing for closure, we keep unearthing the funniest stuff.  One that that work places have to do is replace microwave ovens every few years.  I guess they used to package coobooks specific to the microwave with them many years ago.  From underneath who-knows-what, we excavated the two books seen below.  (The more recent of the two below was dated 1994, the other had no date.  Can you guess by the graphic design which is the book from 1994?)

I find them hilarious.  Microwave specific recipes!  I either a) just reheat stuff or n) follow the instructions on the box!  Mmmmmm!  Look at that…roll of something?  Salmon?  Looks like salmon.  Mmm, microwaved salmon.




  1. switched to this morse portnoy george cov3r to cov3r. Did u know there’s an anthology version out too including all 3 albums? Just ordered that.


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