Soundtrack Stream! Nigel Tufnel Top Ten with Rob Daniels and Surprise Guest!

Thanks to Rob Daniels for not one but two awesome lists, and terrific co-hosting duties!   The knowledge of this man is unsurpassed.   Down to microscopic detail, Rob is able to discuss virtually any soundtrack on a dime.  This show was long overdue!  It was the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten Soundtracks with lists from:

My hope is that this show will give you some new music to check out,  I know I’ll be adding some discs to my wishlist.  You’ll have to watch and see!

An extra-special thanks to Dr. Kathryn for her first video appearance and an awesome list!  Apologies for the technical issues, such is the nature of live streaming.  It only gets harder when I’m on location.  The LeBrain Facebook page lost its feed close to the end, but if you missed anything it’s all on Youtube below.

Also thanks to Holen, Erik, Frank, Meat, Chris, Candace and everyone else for your great comments!


        1. Thanks, though it’s less of a straight-forward illness and something more unique instead. Going to see someone who might be able to diagnose further, but that’s not until November. In more positive news, a CT scan detected nothing out of the ordinary.

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        2. I lot of my friends have had strange illnesses in recent months. I wonder if Covid stress is playing havoc with our minds and bodies so much that it’s making us sick, Anyway Harrison I’m glad the scan was negative and keep hanging in there. You have a community behind you.

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  1. Hey thanks for including my list! I just managed to get through listening to the stream, SO MANY GREAT PICKS! Man, you guys have excellent taste, and a depth of knowledge on scores and soundtracks to which I could never hope to aspire! I have that same gatefold Star Wars LP as Rob, it’s lovely. Another excellent chat, sorry I missed it when it was live.


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