Covideo 7: Bet You Thought I Was Done Making These Things

Yes folks is my first “Covideo” since April. Why? Why not. C-19 is back in Ontario for a second wave, and so are my Covideos!

In this video you can check out a couple Amazon unboxings (one toy, one CD) and get updated on the live streaming. Just a fun video, with hopefully improved production values over the ones I made in March and April.


      1. I had a similar thing happen on Youtube. I posted a wicked live performance of Marillion in Toronto. The band started playing one song and a lady in audience yelled out “Kayleigh”. h stopped the song they were playing. Then played Kayleigh. I have never seen that happen before or since.
        I posted the song to Youtube when I got home around 2am. By 2:01 am it was off Youtube and I was on Youtube probation for 6 months.

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        1. I know Rob Daniel’s is concerned. He plays public domain films in his stream (great retro stuff from the 50s and earlier). But sometimes a film might say public domain on one site, but actually is not. Also his Visions in Sound show, he live streams it too.


        2. I get it for bands like Marillion that want you to buy their live videos.
          After that I ask the band members if I see them to get autographs if it is ok to post the songs.

          Perhaps bands should post a website, email address etc. for videos, photos to be sent from the show. Then could include the good ones on their channel or in future movies/videos etc.

          As for old stuff, I thought there was a rule about the age of a song.

          My way of thinking is any time an old video, song, movie gets shown, people will see it for the first time, and some will enquire about it.
          Look at Rodriguez as just one example of this.


  1. Cool video. Thanks for the heads up on the Helix. Another one I need.

    I don’t think we are at our 2nd wave quite yet, but I will say that I am leery of some shoppers out there.
    Unfortunately the places I love to shop have stupid people who do not social distance. Thrift stores and record stores.
    I was just at a thrift store yesterday. I personally wait until anyone looking at records/cd’s etc. is done and.moves away. Then I go look. I have found out I need to bring a shopping cart along to block off fellow music shoppers. No one else gives me space, so I had to block them with my cart.
    Then I was testing a stereo at the testing station. Another shopper came inches away. I had to turn the speaker towards him and crank the tunes. He still did not move. So I had to.
    Sad state of affairs. Especially for people like me that mostly hate other people and hate them even more during this pandemic.

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    1. As far as our local music venue scene goes, Maxwells is about the only one left unless you are willing to risk a stabbing at Hack’s.
      Even if Covid 19 is cured tomorrow, it will take years for the local music scene to recover.

      I am hoping to lure a U.S. stoner metal band to play KW in the spring, but the uncertainty and the Ontario gathering laws are making it almost impossible.

      This past Saturday there was a metal show with 40 person max set up for Guelph. The day before the show, Ontario dropped the limit to 10 people indoors. The show got postponed. I was elated to see live music for the first time since February, but it never happened.
      I wonder if we will be able to see live music in person at all in 2020. 2021?

      The C in FYC can also be used for Covid as far as I am concerned.

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      1. I donated a few bucks to the Buttom Factory. I’ve seen a couple good shows there. But even with people helping I don’t think these places can survive another year of this. And I think a year is a reasonable guess.

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        1. It makes me wonder how many Countries will actually go broke if this continues.
          Then the money to help keep the economy going and to keep safety measures in place will dry up.


    2. This story about the record shopping makes me sad. Jen went action figure shopping for me the other day, and she waited until the previous customer was done looking before she leaned in.


        1. Well I do feel bad, because another life lost to this is a preventable tragedy. :(

          A friend of ours lost her mom to Covid. I haven’t lost anybody yet but we ALL lost John Prine :(


  2. Like your “get your mind out of the gutter” comment regarding the big tittied model predictions. Do you really think I’m ever gonna do that? Would you even really want me to? I’ll get my head out of the gutter to put my tongue in some kooch, that’s it.

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