#861: Fall(ing Down)

GETTING MORE TALE #861: Fall(ing Down)

The air is cooler, the leaves are changing colour, and I am sort of keeping it all together.

Six months ago we all went into lockdown, with the optimism of summer still ahead of us.  We didn’t know what summer would look like, but it had to be better than lockdown, right?  For most of us, it was.  We got outside, basked in some sun, watched the numbers go down, and dared to have some hope.

Now the days are shorter, the sleeves are longer, and the numbers are climbing once again.  As it gets colder, our options for getting out of the house are fewer.  Some people love this season.  They love the leaves, the sweaters, the blankets.  I dislike the cold, the dark, the misery.   Now we have to deal with the uncertainty of the future too.   Thanksgiving?  Halloween?  No guarantees.  Some will participate, some will be unable.

Fortunately, music will be there.  It always has been and always will be.

There are plenty of albums that I consider “autumn albums” even if they are not.

Savatage are a good band for fall and winter.  They might be from Florida but albums like Dead Winter Dead and Handful of Rain have a cold, dark aura.  Early Sabbath fits the mold.  Queensryche’s Rage For OrderRadiation by Marillion.  It’s all very subjective but as much as summer music really activated my memory circuits, the same can happen with winter tunes.  This is something to look forward to.

Yes, there are some things I can look forward to.  When I’m hunkered down indoors staying dry and warm, the VHS Archives will return.  I find this to be a good project to work on in the colder months.  Pulling out old VHS tapes, converting them and putting them on YouTube just seems to work better in the winter.  It’s also a good time for buying and trying new tech.  I’m going to try and teach myself some Photoshop this year, so I can give you better images for this site.  This winter I’ll also have live streaming.  That will continue as long as necessary.  I look forward to it and so do the viewers.

I’ll try to focus on what I can do during the winter, and not what I can’t.  Not the traffic, not the wet, not the mess, not the inconvenience.  I will try.  I never believed in what Yoda said.  “Do.  Or do not.  There is no try.”  I understand the point of it — don’t let failure enter your mind, focus only on completing the task.  I just never bought into it.  I’ve given myself some goals, and I will try.

Maybe I can even use some of that negative stuff that I hate.  Do you want to see videos of driving around in the snow to the music of Max the Axe?  Do you want to see me attempt to live stream outdoors from a snowy porch?  It’s likely that both will happen!

There’s one last brick in this fortress of mental health that I am attempting to build that I have not mentioned.  And that is you.  For almost nine years you’ve been there waiting for the next chapter, review, or video.  You’ve shared your thoughts and ideas, and opened your hearts.  Without the loyal reader (or lately, viewer), I might have given up writing a long time ago and done something else.  I am grateful.  So thank you!



        1. Lol.. I was just writing down some of the albums down for the Thunder Bay Down Under Summertime series.

          You know what… I’ll do a wintertime series when you do a summertime series next year. Or you can do a wintertime series while I do the summer time one. What do ya say?

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      1. Never below zero really. One or two degrees celsius at night is the coldest it gets. But heat gets up to 40 regularly in summer and hits 42 a couple times each summer.


      2. -26.66667 Celcius is the coldest it gets here at night, but that’s only a few days or a week at most.

        That’s -16 F for anyone who reads temperature in freedom units instead of commie metric horseshit. Measure it in Kelvin if you’re a pussy slayer.

        Most days in the winter here are around 4.4 degrees Celsius, 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

        The metric system rant was tongue in cheek. It makes so much more sense.

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        1. Yeah, we get double fucked because summer is awful here. It frequently gets up to 95 F, 35 C, and has gotten up to 39 C before too. It’s sux azz. So I like fall because it’s one of the only non-extreme weather seasons.


      1. It does with me too. Scatterbrain Here Comes Trouble reminds me of Halloween, simply because that’s around the time I got it and digested it. Just one example. Kiss is always better in the summer too.


  1. I’m not a fan of the cold, but I have to say right now in North Carolina the weather is perfect. 50’s in the evening and low 70’s in the day. If it could stay like this all would be right with the world. Looking forward to more VHS Archives. I might have something new for the winter time myself.

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    1. I’m hoping to focus on albums like Dead Winter Dead this winter, but we’ll see where it takes us. As you know, you wake up in the morning these days and there is a new tragedy. Stuff like that can derail my creative plans.

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  2. I used to really hate autumn. Mostly because it meant going back to school. Now it is just the season with cooler evenings and raking leaves. Never really thought of music that goes with the seasons. Mostly just Van Halen in the spring when you can finally roll down the windows in the car.


  3. Yep, resilient is the word of the day. For me it works the other way too. Your stories lift up the mood, bring laughs and/or makes me appreciate all sort of stuff, so a big thank u to you soul searcher. Looking forward to hearing your thought on Savatage and winter. Me, I’m good with every season. My struggle is with not having the courage to reach for the stars and getting fed up with the stumbling Been digging into Nevermore cds lately. Really digging Death Heart.


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