VHS Archives #97: Fred Coury & Stephen Pearcy of Arcade (July 17 1993)

By 1993, Ratt had broken up and Cinderella split with their drummer.  Singer Stephen Pearcy and drummer Fred Coury then joined forces in a new hard rock band called Arcade.  Promoting their debut album, Arcade played RPM in Toronto on July 17 1993 — their only Canadian date. They stopped by MuchMusic’s Start Me Up program (one of the only shows still playing rock music) for a quick chat with Michael Williams, who was introducing them on stage later that night.

With former bands never mentioned by name, Arcade discuss their current lineup and the Toronto Grand Prix. Was Pearcy wasted?


      1. I thought I’d offer them to the boys first, but then I forget every time that international shipping is so stupid expensive. So I guess I’m offering to Jon T. SNOW!

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        1. I’ve seen some great and some terrible Ratt footage over the years. There was the one night he had a bad reaction of mixing booze with painkillers, at least he was straight about why it happened.

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  1. 100% wasted. And i thought Arcade would take off. Their brand of hard rock was a bit modern for the times and they still had their main influences.
    And the label tried as I remember seeing posters of their debut album at record stores that don’t normally stock hard rock records. Then again maybe that was the problem. Trying to promote them to a different audience.

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