Gallery: A closer look at Alice Cooper and Japanese import unboxings

This week’s live show included some cool unboxings.  Here is a closer look at the three new arrivals at LeBrain HQ.

#1 Dokken – The Lost Songs: 1978-1981 Japanese import.  Old unreleased demos polished and finished for release.  This baby has a bonus track called “Going Under”.

#2 Accept – Blind Rage Japanese import.  2014 studio album.  “Thrown to the Wolves” is the name of this Teutonic terror’s bonus track.

# Alice Cooper – “Don’t Give Up” 7 inch picture disc single.  Great to finally have this new Covid-related recording on a physical format.



    1. You know what Superdekes, it’s my weakness to order stuff that I really want, and then I moan about budgets later. But with Covid being a stubborn S.O.B., I need to keep the music flowing. No regrets man. I played all three today.

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      1. Yeah, Jon’s not the problem. Somebody’s voice hasn’t stood the test of time, which I can’t blame him for, but I can blame him for the laissez-faire attitude he seems to have towards performing. Seems like he’d rather be anywhere else than on stage, and it sounds like he’d rather be anywhere than behind a mic on these recordings.


    1. John Snow played the new Bon Jovi and after hearing what he said, I guarantee I will not be hearing it. It’s cool that they released a some live stuff on Youtube but that band isn’t for me anymore. Who are the guys in the band now? I dunno. I heard Dave Bryan wasn’t there because he is STILL SICK WITH COVID! (That stuff is serious)


  1. Hello there! Vinyl is not out here yet. Only cd. To me the songs I’ve heard so far this new one is similar in tone with Crush and maybe Destination Anywhere. Loved both of those…


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