Eddie Van Halen Tribute – LeBrain Train Live Stream with Guests Galore

The Cradle Did Rock!  We had a great time talking Eddie Van Halen, memories and music.  If you miss Eddie as much as we do, then watch this live stream.  We digest the loss of the Edward the Great, share stories and learn new things.  Thanks to Aaron/ Mr. Books, Kevin / Buried on Mars, John / 2 loud 2 old music, Eric / Uncle Meat, and Tyler / Dravonous for joining the panel tonight.

I started the stream with some pre-show unboxings, which you can check out if you watch the whole stream from the very start.  If you only want to see the Van Halen discussion, then start at 0:20:00.

Thanks again everyone for watching and participating!


  1. Yes, I did indeed want to go eat breakfast, and yes it was 9AM for me there and yes I do get up at quarter to 7 for the streams. You guys are good. You know me too well.

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      1. “Valuable” in this case meaning discussion-provoking. I always have a blast too. I’m looking forward to the Maiden and Mr Honde, to name a few. The generation gap one sounds interesting too.


    1. Hahah it’s ok Lana we are just teasing! When we were growing up, oldies meant Elvis or Chuck Berry! So for us to hear Van Halen as oldies, it’s quick amusing!

      You might enjoy a future episode I have in the works called Generation Gap. I’ll have Dravonous on and we’ll be talking about the different ways our generations discover and consume music.

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      1. Oh thank goodness. I’ll choose my words carefully just in case next time. Your generation has the best music. You guys had Def Leppard, Van Halen, AC/DC, Bon Jovi (with Richie), and Metallica, so lucky! It’s odd to think that years from now, One Direction and Justin Bieber could be considered oldies music as well!

        Oooh the history of discovering music, I like that! I can’t wait. I was a little behind on this past live stream because I rewound it back to the beginning. I’ll have to keep that in mind the next time I do that. But I’ll stick around for sure!


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