Take Your Whiskey to the Dirty Movies, it’s the Van Halen Deep Cuts Show!

A hearty thank you to Kevin / Buried on Mars, Aaron / Keeps Me Alive, and Eric / Uncle Meat for appearing on this episode of the LeBrain Train!  (Conceiving, in Kevin’s case.)  And a salute to Derek Kortepeter for submitting a cool list as well.  The subject was Van Halen deep cuts and we brought ’em to ya.  Any that we forgot came up in viewer comments.  And a great show was had by all!

At the start, Kevin and I killed some time looking at some new arrivals, and talking about the forthcoming new punk EP by Max  the Axe.  (I have a copy and it is killer.)  If you want to skip that and go straight to the lists, then start at 0:20:25.


  1. Great stream, boys. I knew Drop Dead Legs would show up since Mikey is a self-professed leg man.

    Happy Halloween too. Harrison and I were chatting, and we both agree that Merciful Fate/King Diamond mop the floor with Maiden handily. So many more top-shelf records, less commercial and somehow more melodic at the same time. They’ve got that evil atmosphere that feels genuinely dangerous instead of corny like in Maiden. More riffs per capita as well, and of course, Harrison’s favorite aspect is the King Diamond vocal technique. Such a powerful head voice that’s emotive, evil sounding, but harmonizes to perfection. Harrison’s even went so far as to proclaim Melissa to be his favorite album ever. So glad I could share that with you all!

    **Devil horns**


      1. It’s hard not to get cabbage in your nose being around you! But your love for Mercyful Fate doesn’t need to be closeted anymore my friend. We’re all friends here.


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