#867.5: Gratitude

This might get emotional here, so hold on to your hats and grab some tissues.

I just wanna say thanks.

In March 2020 the world went into lockdown, and we all dealt with it one way or another.  Now, at least where I am, lockdown 2.0 is looming.  Christmas is coming and seeing my family is a question mark.  I’m not able to see my friends.  Yet in a bizarre twist I’m feeling so connected to everyone.  This pandemic has forced us all to stay home, but instead of moping and watching Simpsons re-runs, together we’ve turned Friday nights into a fun weekly event.

Not that there is anything wrong with Simpsons re-runs!

This first started with just me, talking into a camera and hoping people were watching.  They were.  And they wanted to play along.  Then Uncle Meat came up with the “Nigel Tufnel Top Ten” countdown theme and it was a huge success.  And here we are now!  I had to invest a little money into this, to take it up to the level I wanted.  I bought a new camera, two new microphones, lights, cables (lots of trial and error here), a streaming subscription…several hundred dollars later I’m where I want to be and I wouldn’t have done it without so many awesome humans.

Thank you Eric, my friend of 20-plus years, but soulmate for 40.  I love you, you big stinky Meaty Uncle.

Thank you Derek, also know as “Superdekes”.   It’s hard to believe we never spoke to each other except by keyboard until this pandemic began.  You have become a friend, a collaborator, a creative genius (“Paper Plate T-Bone”) and the facilitator for bringing on some great guests.

Thank you Aaron for being a reliable regular, not to mention 24 years of friendship.  Now we can speak regularly about the music we love!

Thank you Kevin for getting me on Streamyard, and for being a reliable co-host for many weeks now!  Sorry I’ve been mangling your last name for years now, though you didn’t know it until recently!

Thank you Geoff and Sarah for your recent contributions.  I’ll be seeing you both again soon — that’s a promise/threat!

Thanks to Rob Daniels for 35 years of friendship, amazing co-hosting duties, and for bringing your own shows to us every Wednesday and Saturday!  You are weathering the storm like a superhero Rob.  And of course thanks to Gimli who I suspect could actually be the real star of your show….

Thank you John Snow for helping me out multiple times as co-host, and for very cool backdrops every time!

Thank you Harrison for watching on the opposite side of the world, since the very beginning.  We’ll be having you on again real soon for another great list show.  No spoilers!

Thank you Holen, wherever and whoever you are!  Thank you Saige for the amazing LeBrain Train graphics.  Thank you to Tyler(s), plural.  Thank you to my family especially my mom for watching week after week even if you do not care about AC/DC or Van Halen.  Thanks to Chris, Scott, Len, Seb, Michael LeFevre, Lana, Rosana, and Никола́й Черныше́вский for watching regularly.  Huge appreciation to the guys from Storm Force, Steph Honde, and Frank Loffredo for coming on and supporting the show.  Taking the time to come on and talk to us means everything to me.

Frank mentioned that he loved the “DIY” method of what we do.  That’s it exactly.  He gets it.  This is a bunch of stir-crazy friends getting together every Friday night to hang out, geek out, drink coffee (some of us anyway) and talk music together.  On a personal level, it’s me trying to stay connected, but also trying to give back to the community.  I’m not making money on this, it’s happening out of love.  And necessity.  We need to take care of each other.  As a classic introvert, this pandemic has brought out hidden talents.  Not just in me; in all of us.  One of us (not naming names) got kind of sour on the idea of doing interviews a couple years ago.  He had a bad experience.  But this Friday night show has allowed us to have some really great interview experiences together and I’m glad to have been a part of that.  DIY is right.  We have been figuring it out as we go and it keeps getting better week after week.

The worst thing about making thank-you lists is forgetting someone.  I hope I didn’t.  I appreciate every single person who has watched, contributed, left a comment, and or just hung out and watched.  I think we’re just getting started.  Just like this pandemic keeps going and growing and evolving…so will we.

Let’s give’r.



Friendship live stream 08/28/2020


  1. I’m gonna hafta to check some of these out, even though I can never participate! Being a bartender here in suburban Detroit, USA, I’ve been pouring drinks every Friday since after the first shutdown got lifted back in May/June. These Friday night friends look like some fun, and you’re obviously enjoying it, Mike!


  2. Dude, it has been nothing but a blast. I love how you have bonafide musicians and legit people making a living within the industry with a dweeb like me who just writes a blog on the things he likes. Last night’s show turned out so well with Geoff graphics. It was so fitting to have him make his debut right after a lot of us spent the week with our eyes on the US election. It was an unplanned parody of how the cable networks covered it that I wish we can see we planned. Good times!

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  3. Now here I get emotional! Ever since I joined WP in 2013 and started writing, you, Geoff, and Aaron were my steadies. It developed into a supportive community that I definitely needed at the time (and still do!). Then Deke showed up…then my hubs of 20 years! It fills my heart to have such an encouraging and supportive community. I even say to Kevin how ever since I joined WP, there has never been a nasty comment, never a hateful word. Just support! I can’t say the same on other social networks! Give ‘er is right!

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    1. There’s a great scene from the US Office where Michael Scott has the line, “I would never say this to her face, but she’s a wonderful person and a gifted artist” – and I always show that line on the first day of school to students, asking them to give compliments / express gratitude whenever possible!
      Terrific post, Mike. I’ve never been so happy to be on the receiving end of a threat!
      And Sarca, excellent point – the comments on these community sites are the way comment sections ought to be

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  4. yep, thank u for pouring your energy every week into this blog. It’s a fun place. Thank u! This one caught me left field. I’m listening to Dixie Chicks..but it’s nearly Christmas time…


  5. Ah, thanks for including me in your thank yous Mike! I’m so happy your show has grown so much since your humble beginnings and when this pandemic is over, I hope you’ll continue on with the live streams because it’s so cool to hear you, Kevin, Deke, Aaron, John, and Uncle Meat reminisce on your favorite music and bands I wish I had growing up. I’m also glad the show has helped you personally and brought you and your friends together during this chaotic time. Can’t wait for the next show! Keep doing what you do because you are amazing! :)

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  6. Thanks Mike! I should be thanking you for the Friday night entertainment and allowing me to be a guest on your show. I really love the blogging community and the support you guys have given means a lot. I will be there to watch and contribute where I can as long as you do it. Keep the Lebrain Train chugging along.


  7. Thank you, Mike, for all these years (24? holy smokes) and albums and trips to Taranna and now live streams and everything. You truly rawk. Stay strong in these weirdo times, brother!


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