Awesome Music That Makes Your Skin Vibrate: Two Hours of Brent Jensen on the LeBrain Train

A million thank-you’s to Brent Jensen, the author of No Sleep’Til SudburyLeftover People: A Journey Through Post-Rock & Roll America and All My Favourite People Are Broken.  Chatting music is what we love to do here, and it was a privilege to speak with someone so saturated with musical knowledge, stories and connections.  When you watch this show, I hope you feel the kinship that we music diehards share.

Obscure format junkies:  Check out 0:24:10 of the video for info on a format Sony were working on called “The Cube”.  It would have been a six-sided format around the time of the compact disc.

You can buy Brent’s books at Amazon, and you can check out his podcasts at  (I’ll be checking out the Sandy Horne from the Spoons episode ASAP!)   If you’d like some merch, contact him directly and he’ll hook you up.  Details at the end of our video.

A million more thanks to Superdekes for setting this episode up.  My brother from Thunder Bay should be known as “Superfan” after his meticulous homework and attention to detail!

There will be no sleep tonight as I hit the web looking for all these tunes!  From Saxon, to Kick Axe, to Maiden (with and without Blaze), to Priest (with and without Ripper), please enjoy the music that makes our skin vibrate.



For those who missed it, here is the 11 minutes that Youtube missed, but Facebook had. Unboxings: Jeff Scott Soto, John Norum, The Black Crowes, Frank Zappa, Def Leppard.


  1. Great show Mike! I also appreciate you for showing off your items you bought at the end of the show for those who missed it! I loved that your list wasn’t all rock songs. Brent had so many great stories and Deke too. I forget what band it was but Deke brought up a band where they had problems with their manager and due to money issues, they had to use the equipment provided by the venue. I loved that story because of how professional the band handled the situation.

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        1. They kind of limped on with a third album. Here Lana, I wasn’t kidding when I said Kick Axe was my band of 2019. Here is my entire series. Harrison likes the 1986 period — when they did the music on the Transformers soundtrack!!

          Part One:  “Reality is the Nightmare”
          Part Two:  “Weekend Ride”
          Getting More Tale #773:  Rock Candy + Internet = Kick Axe!
          Part Three:  Vices
          Part Four:  The Transformers soundtrack (as Spectre General)
          Part Five:  Welcome to the Club
          Part Six:  Rock the World

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        2. Woah, they did Transformers too? Nice, I’ll check these out when I get the chance. They were formed in the 70s I see, how did you get into Kick Axe? Idk why, but it makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one who’s discovering new bands (or new old bands).

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        3. Kick Axe were on TV a lot here. I saw the video for On the Road to Rock and thought it was great. Next I bought a pin for my jacket. They were one of those bands that really had a memorable music video when that stuff used to matter.

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        4. Killer title for a song. You have a pin jacket? That sounds cool. Did you collect more pins for your jacket? You’re so lucky you grew up with the early MTV and music scene stuff. I would’ve loved to experience those music videos on my television set.

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        5. I used to have a jean jacket with maybe 10 rock pins on it. I still have the pins though!

          Here’s the video for On the Road to Rock — the one I was talking about with Brent, with the big muscley drummer knocking down a door.

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    1. Thank you Lana! I love going off in left field with my lists and the other two guys dug it as well. And I’m really glad you’re enjoying the show. I feel proud every time I get to say that Hawaii is watching. Makes me feel like we’re off in the big leagues!

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      1. I can’t wait for your next show, what will be the topic? Aww that’s sweet Mike, I feel accomplished knowing that I have followers from Canada for my blog for the same reason. But also I like your live stream because I get to see what these bands mean to you, as I just got into them two years ago and onward.

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        1. Topic is undecided right now! There have been plenty of suggestions and we could do any of them. Iron Maiden deep cuts, one hit wonders, a second episode with Steph Honde, and plenty of other list ideas. I like to decide by the Monday.

          I’m really glad you’re enjoying the show. Prepare to see some snow on here in the future. I plan on doing a live winter stream in the snow.

          The Brent episode really focused on what the music meant to us, and I think that’s going to help me focus my writing in the future.

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        2. Oooh a lot of great suggestions. Maiden deep cuts would be cool, but either way the show will be awesome for sure!

          Yay! I haven’t seen snow in years, so that will be a real treat. So you’ll bring your laptop in the snow?

          Writing? You write songs too?

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        3. Well I will tell you that I am looking forward to live streaming at some point in the snow. It’s a long winter and it’ll happen some weekend. Most of it has already melted. Maybe an inch or two left out there.

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    1. I look forward to becoming more familiar with JSS music! Being familiar with some of prior bands, I loved his voice already. What I have heard so far is great but I have only played the odd track, because I have so much new music.

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        1. One of these days I’m going to have to do a show starring John T. Snow and the top 10 bands he thinks you don’t know but should check out. Sounds good? (This is part of an overall idea by Aaron which we are in discussions about.)

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