The Complete Priest Directory

Let this directory be your Point of Entry to the mighty Judas Priest discography!  Complete reviews below, in chronological order.



        1. With all due respect I think it’s important for two reasons. One is that it was the last Vanda/Young production, and I think its perceived lack of commercial appeal led directly into The Razors Edge with Fairbairn. Second the tour is important for debuting Stevie Young!

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        2. I was only teasing because I don’t like that album very much, but you might be giving it too much credit for how much it help The Razors Edge. BUYV did very well sales wise. It outsold both Fly and Flick combined. But I think that was due to it being a follow up to Who Made Who and the videos for Heatseeker and That’s The Way help sell it. For the Razors Edge, Vanda retired and George had bowed out early due to personal reasons. From what I read, the band needed to be convinced to use Fairbairn. If anything, I think the extra time they got while Johnson went through his divorce and Malcolm writing riffs while not touring helped that album the most.

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