Scraping the Skies of Thunder Bay with T-Bone & Deke

Thank you T-Bone and Deke for an awesome Friday night on the LeBrain Train! Tonight’s episode was the brainchild of Deke and it was long overdue.  T-Bone, an original member of Thunder Bay’s own Current River, has plenty of great stories which we only scratched the surface of in this almost three-hour chat!

Topics discussed and their locations in the stream:

  • T-Bone Tales – scattered throughout.
  • Shaun of the Dead challenge – 0:33:20.  The zombie apocalypse has come and you are unarmed.  All you have to save yourself from the horde is your record collection.  Choose five records from your collection to throw at the zombies to save yourself.  Harder than it sounds!  This segment includes a highly disputed meltdown over Tenacious D’s debut.
  • Beer de-canning from Sleeping Giant brewery’s 2020 advent calendar – 0:35:00
  • A special Def Leppard box set unwrapping and story from someone involved with the making of it – 1:27:25
  • An hour-long track by track discussion of David Lee Roth’s Skyscraper LP – 1:50:00

Truly, some of the most fun I’ve had on a Friday night.  Good stories, good times, good beverages.  Good friends.  Spend your Friday nights with us, or catch us on Youtube after the fact.  Give the videos a share if you think your friends would like watching too.  It’s all about community and thanks for being a part of it.  Special appreciation to Harrison the Mad Metal Man for hilarious commentary.  I shall dub thee:  Hilarrison.


  1. Man I aways say to Kev “I don’t know how you can go 3 hours!” lol Now I get it. When it’s great conversation amongst pals time does not matter.
    Next time we have Tbone on we need to discuss the concerts that we saw living here in this hard luck town. lol
    Thanks again dude for letting us spout off on a Friday night.

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        1. One of my pals at work watched the first hour and said I should have went with that look for the whole show. Lol
          I said no can do as I was below a heating duct so when the furnace kicked in it got hot quick lol

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        1. Yeah I did! Haha business cards. And I heard about the blinker hooked to the horn (and other shenanigans). I think I’m up to just about the last round of the zombie thing. You’d just gone to get more coffee.


  2. r.e. Shaun Of The Dead Challenge:

    I try not to own LPs I don’t like (I just donate them or give them away). In fact, I’ve done a couple of culls over the past few years, so I feel like my LPs are pretty unimpeachable, by now.

    However, my life is on the line here, in this scenario, so I might through some classical LPs, whichever ones were at hand (so long as they aren’t Von Karajans), because they always turn up again in bargain shops.

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    1. Good call A-man. I think I might turn this challenge into a regular feature — new guests have to face the zombies with only their record collections. People seemed to enjoy it. Rob Daniels played along in the comments and Harrison posted a list today as well, so it caught on I guess!

      I try not to own LPs I don’t like either. I hope my justifications in this one were valid!

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        1. Ha it’s no worries, I wouldn’t be able to play them anyway. The zombie would’ve eaten me. But I give kudos to you guys for having put more thought into it than I did. I was just, well, here, throw a Rachmaninov…


  3. Hilarrison haha good one Mike! Great show and I’m glad I got to see you unbox your Def Leppard Volume 2 boxset, I hope you enjoy listening to those tracks as much as I do! It was interesting seeing that a few of the albums that Deke wouldn’t mind tossing, were some of the ones you like. Guess that’s why you like the infamous Music from the Elder. T-Bone seems like a cool guy. Also, did you ever get a hold of that missing Tenacious D track?!?!

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    1. One more vote for Hilarrison!!

      I’m definitely going to enjoy listening to stuff like Slang on vinyl. Adrenalize too.

      Yes Kevin sent me the Tenacious D song. Don’t ask me why I didn’t get it with mine. I even took a screenshot of my download as proof lol! But Kevin did hook me up.

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      1. Hey u asked for Maiden deep cuts lists? Where can we sent them? Just checked the early ones and ended up laughing since on most of those is just a choice between 2 to 3 tracks. But from no prayer.. onwards I’m lost.

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      2. Slang is just beautiful and so raw, I grew to like that one quite a bit! I remember reading your review on Adrenalize, have your thoughts changed on that album since then (not that they have to, but)?

        Yeah that’s weird you never got the track in the first place. Glad Kevin hooked you up and you have the track now!

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