Sunday Chuckle: At Least They Tried?

If you’re going to quote my work, at least give me credit.

If you’re going to give me credit, at least spell my name right.

At least they tried?


  1. Funny, hopefully your feelings weren’t hurt much.

    Ran into this very interesting article about experiment on listening to just one album for whole week and failing…
    hopefully some of u will have time to read this and comment too.

    At times there comes an album that I just keep on listening for longer while(Like that new BJ album). At the moment I’m listening to Amaranthe’s Manifest. What have been those albums that u have managed to keep listening for longer while this year?

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      1. I don’t have that one. So I’m playing Soldier of Fortune now instead. Played the Blaze ones and liked Virtual XI but all is not well with x factor .


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