Sticky Note Art 2020

I started making sticky notes for live streams back in the spring.  It started with me simply writing “Are you ready for another Friday live stream?” and posting it on social media.  They got more elaborate from there.  Then I started saving them on my calendar.  Over the months, I kept some of my favourite sticky notes.  Here are some memories from LeBrain Trains over the past six months.



  1. Great that you are keeping those Mike. Cool memories for down the road. The live streams have been a blast to watch and actually be on, so thank you much for that. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for the LeBrain Train.

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  2. I really like these and make note of each one. Extra cool that these were just on fairly small post it notes. Watching most episodes on my TV I always pictured them much larger. Kind of like Tom Cruise. Lol

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  3. Also want to piggy back of John’s (2L2o) comment of how cool it’s been to follow the Live Streams. Definitely a huge silver lining on the cloud that was 2020.

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