T-Bone and the Gang are Done With Mirrors on the LeBrain Train

What can you say about a show that does all the following in one night:

  1. An in-depth, track by track analysis and critique of Aerosmith’s Done With Mirrors
  2. A tribute to Christopher Plummer (R.I.P.)
  3. CD unboxing and beer de-canning
  4. A world premier music video
  5. The sound of the real toilet flushing
  6. Awesome rock and roll chit-chat for almost three full hours

Why, it could only have been the LeBrain Train!  And this week, far more than 2000 words were said about Done With Mirrors.  This album generated so much passionate and sometimes dispassionate discussion that it would have been a shame if everybody didn’t get to speak their piece.  This album isn’t as polarizing as you might think.  We all found something enjoyable, we just didn’t always agree on what was enjoyable.

Your panel tonight was:

To skip ahead to the parts you may be interested in, go to the following points in the video:

  • Beer de-canning:  0:26:40
  • Encore Records unboxing:  0:28:10
  • Christopher Plummer tributes at:  0:18:30 and 2:34:50
  • Done With Mirrors discussion:  0:34:05
  • World premier music video of Current River’s Rock’n in a Rubber2:38:45


Thanks for watching and leaving the awesome comments, folks!  Tune in next week when Martin Popoff returns with his King’s X Top Five!



  1. I hate I missed it and will try and watch it this weekend. We had a little family night with a nice sit down dinner and numerous Mario Kart races where my kids can finally beat me. It sounds like good times were had by all last night.

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  2. On their facebook page August 26 is a comment and a picture of putting finishing touches on the new album. Haven’t missed this, have I ?


  3. Awesome show Mike! I got around to finishing it today and I was laughing my head off. Meat was so funny with his rating system and his brutally honest and hilarious comments. I can sense he doesn’t like Desmond Child haha! I loved that everyone had different opinions about the album because it made for a good discussion. It was also cool hearing Deke reflect back on he and T-Bone waiting for the release of ‘Done with Mirrors.’ Still can’t believe you got your first copy from your ex-girlfriend, which her brother stole and gave you. But on the bright side, it makes for an interesting story. Can’t wait for next week Mike!


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