Nigel Tufnel Top Ten Concept Albums on the LeBrain Train, and the return of Rob Daniels!

The LeBrain Train:  2000 Words or More with Mike Ladano

Episode 51 – Nigel Tufnel Top Ten Concept Albums


This show doesn’t need a lot of preamble.  It’s another list show and it’s another great panel!  “Top Concept Albums” was the topic suggested by Rob Daniels.  A subject so good, I’m amazed it took this long to get to it.  What’s a concept album?  One of those records that tells a story.  We’re keeping the definitions broad.

Please give Rob a warm welcome back to the show for his first appearance of 2021.

Your panel this week:

Whether the lead character of the story is Pink, Kilroy, Torch, or perhaps one of the many nameless protagonists throughout rock history, this is the show you want to catch. By the end, we hope you say “I didn’t know they made a concept album,” to some of our picks.

Friday February 19, 7:00 PM E.S.T.
Facebook:  MikeLeBrain  YouTube:  Mike LeBrain



  1. Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime is my #1 so that is my list!! I pulled it out last week, yet again and gave it a spin. I probably listen to it four times a year easily (probably more). I hope to learn something from the list tonight.

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  2. Man, I have had a time making this list of 11. I went with my heart, and what’s in my collection, and while I’ll probably have a few that likely won’t make others’ lists, I feel I’ve got it close enough to right. And with 5 strong also-rans, too. This one was tough!

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    1. Difficult as all heck! I’m still not satisfied with mine…a couple want to squeeze in! So I too will have also-rans. Let’s save them for the end of the show so we don’t have spoilers.


        1. No worries man, I’ll try not to let it be me who makes us run long! On the other hand, adrenaline and enjoyment of the gig might kick in and you could be just fine.


        2. It sure could! Plus a nap later on.

          I’m going to do a brief story summary for each of mine, but I’m thinking a sentence or two. In fact there’s one I rejected because I was going “what exactly is the point of this story?”


        3. Ah yes, the wisdom of naps. I rarely get time, but I understand their power! Also, right on, the concept has to make sense! I’ve got one that even the band doesn’t think is a concept album, but I do, so take THAT you silly people that wrote the thing! Lol!

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        4. I have a couple albums on my list that are genuine tear-jerkers. Life changers. They will be at the top of my list, and I bet one of them is on your list too. But we’ll see.


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