“Bootleg Richard Dreyfuss”, Kevin and Harrison talk Bootleg Albums on the LeBrain Train

This has been one of my personal favourite episodes!  Bootlegs were the subject, and we saw a wide variety.  Yet even with the limitless possibilities of bootleg recordings out there, we still ended up with one duplicate.  You’ll have to watch and see which one was on two lists!

Your panel:

John wins “best collection” award.

Lots of audio/visual backup here to go with these bootlegs too.  For that reason alone, this was one of the best shows we’ve ever done.  Thanks for watching and being a part of it!


  1. Just watched the whole show…3 hour bootleg of Kiss unplugged vs LeBrain bootleg session. I’ve only seen the whole show of one of those…
    my notes from the show…
    Harrison and John, left and right corner, like watching Mtv’s Celebrity Deathmatch. Harrison the underdog with Sabbath/Purple various line-ups and John with sheer volume of Kiss bootlegs and Lebrain on his side. Got to side with Harrison with this one since he had the amazing finish with Blaze time Maiden live bootleg. But it was almost a tie with that surprise VH live bootleg.
    And Kevin with the blues stuff and left turns with Tenacious D and AcDc bootlegs. Do u have the Archives vol 2 on pre-order? Funny story I finally overtalked my friend to coming to see Neil Young show and that one was with Crazy horse. Only one of us loved it.
    LeBrain, BJ outtakes! By the way I got the latest BJ on vinyl now too and the new Durbin one finally arrived on cd. I like Poison too! Queensryche saved for later? Looking forward to that.
    Thanks again!!

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  2. Awesome show Mike! Glad to see John and Harrison back on the show. As usual, John’s collection blew me away (the Def Leppard bootleg I want so badly) and Kevin brought in the AC/DC big guns, hallelujah! Can’t wait for next week’s show. I’m making adjustments to my list, but I should send it in before Thursday at least (I’ll send it in early because of the time difference between our locations).


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