The Riffs of the 80s Live on the LeBrain Train

Awesome, fast-paced show tonight!  We picked our favourite riffs of the 80s, and Mike Slayen did his best to play some of ’em for us.  A big round of applause for Mike, please and thank you!

Your Riff Merchants tonight were:

Added extra bonus:  Lana Teramae and Harrison the Mad Metal Man both submitted lists, read towards the end of the show.  Aaron also wrote ’em all down if you wanna read ’em.

For me personally though, the highlight of the show was the brand new music video by T-Bone.  I have been waiting two weeks to play this.  If you’d like to catch this new song, a wonderful tribute to our own Uncle Meat, then go to 0:14:00.

See ya next week when I return with Harrison, Deke and Aaron with some Iron Maiden cover art lists!


        1. Indeed, you do lose a little bit of the personalities when it’s so barebones. Still, you get a tonne of different opinions so its definitely got its merits

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        2. I am just so fortunate that I have soooo many great people I can ask to come on with me. Back in the “FB Live” days there were only a few people who could come on, and only one at a time.

          But don’t worry, the usual smaller cast will return…with you!

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        3. I’m decent at photoshop. If you really wanted that sort of Eddie for the show, perhaps Saige could do one like she did a Popoff for that show?

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        4. It is fine. I enjoyed last night and every time I go on. I was just agreeing with the smaller groups you do get more in depth and there is a time and place for both formats. The riffs was fun and so few repeats which is always awesome!!

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        5. I like the chance to tell stories about hearing the songs, or seeing the videos, or buying the albums. Couldn’t do it this time but I look at it as a challenge. We were trying to get it done at Olympic pace and we did it!

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    1. I can’t believe nobody said anything to you when Mike brought up the Close Encounters parody in UHF. I immediately looked over at you and it looked like you were mentally preparing for it.

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  1. Also, please note that the version of Temptation I am referring to is the one from the Barnestorming live album, not Love and Fear. Two different songs from the same artist with the same name

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  2. Fantastic lists – Kevin that signed document deeming the entirety of Back in Black as CanCon seems legit!
    Some great calls all around, elsewhere…
    LeBrain: Could probably have a top 11 from Appetite alone, Paradise City’s a fine choice
    Rob: New Orleans could be on there twice, for both the excellent lead & rhythm riffs!
    Mike: Pride would likely be on my list, what an intro
    Meat: Love Removal Machine & Wild Flower would be close to a tie for me, no wrong answer when choosing between the 2 riffs of course
    Aaron: Where is My Mind, sometimes the best riffs aren’t overly complex, simple yet so effective!
    John: Summer of ‘69 is perhaps exhibit A of why buying Vinyl is key, it has to be the side 2 opener rather than just a track 6 in the running order
    Lana: nice to see Queen make an appearance, Brian May is something else
    Harrison: I believe LeBrain said he’d also accept Weird’s Al’s The Beverly Hillbillies, I’m happy with the Money for Nothing riff either way!
    Well done all!

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    1. I WOULD have accepted Beverly Hillbillies! And that was a cool story about how they had to basically re-record the song to match Knopfler’s guitar part. Makes me appreciate Weird Al more. In fact I think my next purchase from Encore will have some Weird Al in it.

      Thanks for hanging out Geoff!

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      1. Weird Al investments generally pay off quite nicely – and my pleasure, Mike. We’ve been doing movie nights on Fridays so I’ve haven’t been able to always catch it live but I enjoy catching up the next day!

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        1. That sounds like fun, Mike – I’d enjoy that.
          And yes, the seven-person panel was neat to see, but exhausting to think about how one could graph the overlap, Aaron did an excellent job keeping up with the lists!


      1. Sacred Heart is my favourite Dio album. The Philly 1986 album was a hell of an entry into the world of Dio. Sacred Heart rules. Not all riffs need to be complex to be cool


  3. I’ll admit I miss the long in-depth conversations from the shows with fewer people, but I enjoyed the 80s riff show regardless of that! Mike Slayen played one of my favorite Def Leppard songs on guitar, so what more could I ask for? Thank you so much for reading my list Mike, it meant a lot to me and I’m glad I got to contribute to the show. Everyone picked some great riffs, and I felt relieved when some picked the same riffs as me because it meant I wasn’t the odd ball, lol. I can’t wait for next week’s show, Iron Maiden, bring it!!!

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      1. Well you said my last name wrong, but that’s ok because it’s a weird spelling. Think of it like Tera-my. But that doesn’t matter to me, again, I’m just happy I was able to contribute to the show. People have pronounced my last name wrong anyways, so no worries!

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        1. Thanks so much Mike! I’m glad to support your show and participate. Also, I appreciate that I have you, Kevin, and Aaron supporting my blog. Who knew I’d be able to connect with people from Canada?

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        2. Indeed you guys are! :) Thank you guys again for the support and the chats we have through WordPress. The pandemic isn’t all awful since I made new friends.


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