Andy Curran…Part One

Apologies in advance for the technical issues on this week’s program. We did our best, and fortunately Andy has agree to come back next week and talk about the latter half of his career!

This week we discussed:

  • The new forthcoming album Coney Hatch Live at the El Mocambo
  • A second live album in the can
  • The first three Coney studio albums:  self-titled, Outa Hand and Friction
  • Road and studio stories
  • Andy’s first two “solo” albums, Andy Curran and Soho 69 – Scatterbrain

And next week we’ll be back to discuss Caramel, Leisureworld, Four and beyond.

I really want to thank Andy for his patience this week.  Hopefully we can get a better stream next week.  When it worked it kicked ass!

Tune into the stream at 0:36:45 for Andy’s arrival and interview.

Thanks for watching, and thanks for your patience everyone!




      1. I don’t think Dreyfuss has ever been in a Martin Scorsese film. You gotta get on that, Richard “John T. Snow” Dreyfuss.


    1. Thanks dude for watching. Grabbing Hollywood Actors is not my priority lol but you will want to tune in next Friday as I have a few questions to ask Andy about his good friend/fellow bass player and tennis partner Mr Steve Harris…!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right on, looks like I missed that too. Past couple of days have been busy, of course. And now it’s spring break for the kids! We’re all off together! In lockdown! Er…


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