#894: Entertainment Needed at the Vaccine Clinic

“I’ve been shot!”

Every once in a while, Jen’s disabilities don’t entirely suck.  We get the best parking spots when we go out, which admittedly isn’t often these days.  She was also eligible for the Covid vaccine due to her high-risk health category.  In a twist of fortune, as her caregiver, that made me eligible too.  I was very concerned about “line jumping” so we called and confirmed multiple times that I was allowed to get the shot.

Ironically, we were scheduled to get our ‘rona shot at the old Rona location in Cambridge.

It used to be a huge warehouse, and now it is a huge clinic.  Very organised, with multiple checkpoints, and ample workers to guide you.  We asked plenty of questions and they were all answered.  For me, the whole process took less than 30 minutes.  Screening, registering, sitting with a doctor, getting the shot, waiting for any sign of reaction, and then finally release and followup appointment.  Jen took an extra 15 minutes due to the complexities of her health, but we were out the door in 50 minutes total.

The sitting area for the wait after the shot was vast, with many chairs, all separated by a good distance.  It was kind of funny, seeing all these chairs facing the same direction as if waiting for a show that would never come.  Here there were workers to answer questions too.

“No movie?” I asked jokingly.

“No movie, no bands,” she answered.  “We should get bands,” she continued.  “I know lots of bands who would love the chance to play here.”

I laughed and said “Well maybe in a couple months they’ll jazz it up.”

Our shots (Pfizer for those curious) were administered by doctors, and I peppered mine with questions.  I was concerned about side effects, although neither of my parents felt any.

“Younger people have much stronger immune systems,” he explained.  “Theirs get revving up much stronger.  When you feel the side effects, that is your body creating those antibodies.  So the side effects are actually a good sign.  They should taper off after a day.”  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Well, except for the live bands — maybe that lady was onto something!

Have any questions about the shape I’m in?  Just ask!




      1. I second that! However, you got me thinking and can I ask you a question? Actually a couple of questions, do you remember a cartoon about a racing car driver called Tom Slick? I think they should make a movie about that like they did with “George of the Jungle.” After all, they appeared on the same show.

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        1. I do remember Tom Slick! He had the same kind of animation as George of the Jungle and Roger Ramjet! Roger Ramjet was my favourite because I liked planes, but I watched all three.

          I saw George of the Jungle in the movie theaters!

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  1. That’s great, make that excellent news! U the first I kinda know that has actually gotten the shot. Isn’t there a second shot in a months time or something?
    Good to hear great news for a change.

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