Marathon T-Bone Show – 5150 is Dissected and LeBrain is Pummelled

Hold onto your seats, folks, because T-Bone will blow you away with his 5150 knowledge and insight. In fact, all six panel members tonight brought it!

While it wasn’t fun being the lone dissenting voice when you’re up against heavyweights like Kevin and Meat, this was one of the best discussions on 5150 that you are likely to hear. And you need a dissenting voice, right?  I was happy to play the role of punching bag too!

The Van Halen talk begins at exactly 0:48:00 and runs through to the end.  Before that we unboxed some action figures, talked about the new Coney Hatch live album, and a little bit of current events.  Watch right from the start to catch all that.  We also played three music videos:  “Donna (Do Ya Wanna)” by Deadline, “Open Door Piss” by T-Bone, and “Victim of Changes” (Priest cover) by Clockwork Orange.


May 7:  Paul Laine from Danger Danger and the Defiants with co-host John Snow.

May 14:  List show by Uncle Meat’s suggestion — Best Cover Tunes — with panel TBA.

May 21:  Sean Kelly (Coney Hatch, Crash Kelly, Helix, Lee Aaron, Trapper, Nelly Furtado) joins us with co-host Deke!

May 28:  Dave Lizmi of the Four Fuckin’ Horsemen!  Co-host will be T-Rev.

June 4:  One year anniversary of Harrison’s first appearance.  We re-hash the Top 11 Priest Albums and will have Geoff Stephen to graph it!  Co-host is TBA.

June 18:  Robert Lawson, author of Still Competition: The Listener’s Guide to Cheap Trick.  Hosted by Superdekes.

All aboard!



  1. Sounds like a massive discussion. I hope could you could feel my dissenting spirit even though I didn’t watch. My wife and I ended up watching a movie together. I will give it a listen this week in between all my Paul Laine research!! Cant’ wait for Friday!!!

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    1. I think Forbidden is an album that could be shuffled to the very back of the pile. We got cover tunes coming though! We got four people who want to do it so far.


        1. I wish I could remember who all said “yes” lol. Might have been Aaron and it was Meat’s idea so obviously him too. I think so far, us four. I’ll ask Snow and Daniels if either want to be our fifth. I asked Lana but she didn’t think it was a good topic for her to submit a list.

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  2. June 4 is the one year anniversary of Harrison’s first appearance? How exciting! But great show Mike. I loved hearing everyone’s brutally honest opinions on the album tracks. Sorry about Meat picking on you throughout most of it (though it was pretty funny, not gonna lie). But I always enjoy hearing people talking about albums they really dig, especially since the typical Van Halen fans don’t care much for the Sammy Hagar era of the band.

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      1. Yeah that makes sense. It’s like embarrassing moments, at the very moment when you’re experiencing, it may not be funny, but looking back on it may be a different story (sometimes).


  3. As ever, thanks for having me on for this, especially considering I’m not the deep Van Halen fan you guys are, I’ve been playing catch-up. I love this deep dive format, the focus that it brings!


  4. It was a great discussion, Mike! By the end of it I was less convinced that you dislike this album, lol

    VH Balance would make for another excellent show for whenever TeeBone and Meat are free again. I’d love to hear them break down that one.

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    1. I’ve already been brutally raked over the coals on Balance and that’s not an experience I wish to repeat. Let’s talk OU812, an album I actually like for a chance! However T-Bone will be away on weekends for most of the summer so we have to wait til fall.

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        1. I just wanna pick one for once lol. Deke and T Bone chose Skyscraper and Done With Mirrors. Meat chose 5150. It doesn’t have to be contrarian, it just needs to be one with passion. All of us praised Skyscraper.

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