Saturday Test Stream & ReAction Unboxing

The LeBrain Train: 2000 Words or More with Mike Ladano

Episode 62.5 – Unboxing Halford & Testing the Laptop


Went live this afternoon to test out my new laptop. I also tried out a new two-camera setup that worked really well. Introducing: ToyCam!*

We took a close look at the new Rob Halford (Judas Priest, obviously) ReAction figure by Super7.  It’s a sweet figure complete with microphone, whip, and chains!  I also opened up a Twilight Zone Eddie (Iron Maiden), which is a clear figure.  I’ve always had a thing for clear action figures.  And he looked sweet.  And finally, I opened a large size Transformers Devastator which is double the height of the regular ReAction line.

These ReAction figures are inspired by the original 1977-1984 Kenner Star Wars figures.  Similar scale, similar modelling, and completely backwards compatible.  I can have Darth Vader vs. Jean-Luc Picard vs. Rob Halford vs. Papa Emeritus III vs. Alien vs. Andre the Giant in a battle royale if I so choose.**

Enjoy this impromptu but very successful Saturday stream.


* I have summer plans for this dual-camera setup.  With the new laptop and new cottagewifi ready to go this summer, picture this:  SunsetCam.  As we interview the stars, or run down a Nigel Tufnel Top Ten, I can have a dedicated camera just showing the changing landscape as the sun goes down.  It’s going to be awesome.

** Super7 have licenses for so many properties, it’s insane.  In music alone, they have ReAction figures for Lemmy (Motorhead), Slayer, the Misfits, Rancid, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Ghost, King Diamond, Venom, and Anthrax, with many variations thereof.  And that’s just the music.


  1. I guarantee you I feel differently about some Judas Priest albums.

    I appreciate you noticing I was missing. I accidentally slept in a bit and then realised, but I wasn’t too interested in the album so I instead got to preparing for a visit to the cinema (sorry. I know I usually make it to the show). But hey, I prefer Sammy, so you might not have had me on your side.

    I doubt you’re interested in the Transformers RED line, but do you have any thoughts of them. I guess they’re kind of like the action masters. I don’t really care for them.

    I think we worked out that the Halford was close to the US Festival appearance (just with less silver) and thus from the British Steel/Screaming (and maybe even Defenders) era.


  2. Threepio suffered from GPS then, I assume?

    “And he can hang out with Papa from Ghost”. And an actual ghost.

    Hey!, technically Aliens is a Disney property.

    Oooh, plans between you and Mr Moorwood. Like the generation gap show?

    Martin Popoff gave Virtual XI a 0/10. He’s not to be trusted.

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    1. No not GPS, something different. The entire figure was plated in a gold vacu-sealed coating. The first time you try to move an arm or a leg you could feel a “crack” as the parts moved for the first time. Eventually they’d wear themselves loose to the point it couldn’t stand.

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        1. In that regard: Super7 sell a Reaction figure for Metropolis, and it is silver plated the same as the old 3P0. I was thinking of buying her for the next round.

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