Paul Laine Nerds Out with the LeBrain Train – our best episode yet!

One of the things I love most about doing these shows is how spontaneous they are. John and I came into this Paul Laine interview with pages and pages of notes and questions.  Yet some of the best moments were spur of the moment.  Paul Laine is a music nerd just like us!  But not just a music nerd — he loves Star Wars and history as well as rock and roll!

Tonight we learned all about his early years at Little Mountain sound.  The perils of the music biz.  Joining Danger Danger.  Touring.  ShugaazerThe DefiantsDarkhorse.  Who his favourite captain on Star Trek is.

We also corrected some misinformation, touched on some emotional stories, and all around had a very enlightening night.  We had a barrel of laughs!

Paul joins the broadcast at approximately the 0:21:00 mark.  (Prior to this, I did some music onboxings.)   Paul chatted for over two hours.  Brew a hot coffee.  Sit, get a comfortable chair, and watch the whole thing.  It was solid gold from start to finish.

Best show ever?  My mom thinks so.  Thank you Paul for being such an engaging and entertaining guest, and thank you John for making this happen!




  1. I find those are the best interviews, Mike – when the hosts are well prepared with questions but when the guests end up saying things that lead the interview in a new direction, the host goes along with them!

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    1. Thank you Geoff — that is what we tried to do. In fact John and I came up with a starting plan, which I just completely ignored. But John was able to run with it. He might never have interviewed before, but he has done so many list shows, he know how to do it! And now he is a pro.

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  2. I am leaving the same comment over on the other guy’s blog too:

    I listened to every word today, and it can all come to one word: EPIC. Great talk, great questions, great stories, and what a truly genuinely fine fellow Mr. Laine proved himself to be. I’ve heard it said that you should ever meet your heroes but, in this case, it’s a damn good thing you did. Excellent job, everyone!!!

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