Saturday Stream of Gratitude

I just felt like saying “thank you”.  And a few other things.  Enjoy this unofficial episode of the LeBrain Train.


      1. That’s perfect. Aaron says he’s forming a band called the 6 Foot Toos with Harrison and John since they’re all the same height. They’re gonna open for our band, The Top Shelf Struggles.

        You’ll be the singer, I’ll play guitar, we’ll have to get Lana to play drums or something.

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  1. That’s fantastic J will make his LeBrain Train debut!
    And I’m with you on keeping notes that accompany CDs that arrive in the mail – I find it’s fun to look back at those when the CD comes off the shelf for a spin

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    1. Man, getting J involved is a long time wish list item checked off. And — truth — I really am nervous about his accent. Sometimes I struggle.

      One of the joys of this show is getting different people on with each other. So Sarah and Kevin will be the lucky ones who get to hang with J first! And next time we see you, you will get to hang out with John Snow for the first time! Things like this bring me happiness.

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  2. I wonder if the presence of this “parr” in the co-writes section affected Paul’s cut of the royalties?

    And yep, curveballs galore. You know me too well.

    Perhaps you could have muted Tree Cam in streamyard to stop the echo?

    Did someone say trains?

    That generation gap lineup sounds great. I’m a little biased though

    So when you reset the Tree Cam, could it be described as a…test for echo?

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    1. I tried to mute that TreeCam, but I was struggling a bit. It was acting stubborn. I have other tricks still up my sleeve.

      Yes, J the Vinyl Daft Dad has a song called “Trains” on the Pray For Rain album! And I believe there are other songs about trains on the three discs as well!

      Test For Echo is correct! Very punny….

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