Epic Nigel Tufnel Top Ten Cover Tunes Lists!

“I think it was safe to say that was by far my most favourite show.” – Chris T

Thank you Rob, Aaron, T-Bone, Harrison and Meat Man for tonight’s amazing panel.  The theme was Nigel Tufnel Top Ten Cover Tunes, brought to you by Meat.  Six lists, 66 songs, and very little overlap.  Having said that, there was one tune that made three lists, from an album that made four lists.  Watch the show to see what it was, or read Aaron’s notes below!

The lists commence at 0:20:30.

Incidentally, this show was record setting in terms of audience participation.  So many amazing picks and comments — most of them made in on screen, so check them out.

Once again your panel for this show was:



  1. such cool covers! Thank u. Good time had by all came across.
    Here’s my list:

    joan jett:i love rock n roll
    clash: i fought the law
    red hot chili peppers: higher ground
    van halen: you really got me
    megadeth: no more mr nice guy
    wasp: the real me
    queensryche: gonna get close to you
    lords of the new church: like a virgin
    cowboy junkies: sweet jane
    pretenders: stop your sobbing
    whitesnake: ain’t no love in the heart of the city

    Love all of these songs…


  2. Harrison Kopp is posting my list tomorrow. Be sure to check out his site for my picks! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


  3. Excellent lists, gentlemen.
    Mike – If they’d tried another take of Twist & Shout that day, I don’t know if John Lennon’s vocal chords would have had anything left!
    Rob – nice choice with Tori’s version of Nirvana
    Tee-Bone – Deke will be pleased to see Hanoi!
    Harrison – I’m intrigued by that ELO version of in the Hall of the Mountain King
    Aaron – Aretha might be my #1, especially with the spelling at the end, it’s such a definitive version that it’s hard to believe it’s a cover!
    Meat – can’t go wrong with Drive By Truckers!

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  4. Otis Redding covering I Can’t Get No Satisfaction. Keith Richards favorite cover of a Rolling Stone song, and how he’d originally heard the song in his head, with horns.


  5. Didn’t find a post on London to Vegas set. Is there one? Did u get the set?
    I just got it on massive sale in 2 separate sets, Hysteria at the 02 and Hits Vegas. It is the same set, isn’t it?
    Haven’t had the time to watch these yet. Read on the net that there is an issue with the blue ray sets so got dvd ones instead.

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        1. Not really a spoiler alert but I’m listening to Thick As A Brick right now and looking at the newspaper. Whoever designed this album packaging deserves consideration on a list!


        2. Exactly! Tricky to keep it from becoming Most Iconic Album Covers or My Favorite Album Covers. If we’re looking at the artists, someone like Warhol could be a one-off, but in my head I had carer foremost. Interesting.

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