Sean Kelly Rocks the LeBrain Train

No preamble needed here! Just sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the entire 1:45 chat with Sean Kelly below. We tackled just about every project he’s ever been in, from Lee Aaron to Helix to Trapper to Coney to Crash Kelly, 69 Duster, Nelly Furtado, and more.  What’s this about Motley Crue figures?  And hear about the new upcoming Coney Hatch Live in Germany LP, Lee Aaron’s new tunes, and a hell of a lot more.

Sean’s enthusiasm for music and especially rock and roll is contagious.

The interview with Sean begins at the 0:17:30 mark.  Tune in and enjoy!


A big thanks to Sean for taking his time to talk to us, and also to Deke for hooking this one up.  You guys rock.

Happy long weekend, Canada!




  1. I missed the live broadcast on Friday but I think you’ll approve of my excuse, Mike – we were watching Star Wars! The girls have been enjoying going through the series, it was episode III to kick off the Victoria Day weekend.

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  2. Deke & Mike – I’ve really been enjoying this episode over the last couple of days.
    I appreciate the Saskadelphia shout-out (and the EP most definitely is right up my street!), Deke, any organization would be lucky to have you as their “half-ass” PR man!
    And speaking of self-deprecation, I’m a big fan of Sean’s grateful/humble tone, arguing there’s a million better guitarists out there. As he said, there’s a difference between a rock star vs. rock n’ roll attitude, and he’s got the right one.
    Great interview, gentlemen!


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