Sunday Screening: Trapper – “The Warrior”

This week we had Sean Kelly on the LeBrain Train. In order to highlight one of his many fun works, here is his version of “The Warrior” performed by Trapper with Emm Gryner on lead vocals.  The classic Scandal cover features a great guitar solo — a “composition within a composition” as Sean might say.  Check it some Trapper!



  1. There was a band? All I saw in this video was Emm. LOL Have seen her in concert twice, she’s awesome. Great voice. This cover is something I didn’t know I needed until I heard it just now.

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    1. Emm is FANTASTIC. I rediscovered her thanks to Trapper. I didn’t know before that she was a rocker! But she is! Def Leppard is her favourite band ever.


      1. You’d never know by a lot of her solo stuff that was popular. But she puts on a great show. Saw her open for Tom Cochrane one time and her set was great. Then she joined Tom’s band and rocked out with them.


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