Delivering the Lists: Judas Priest – Nigel Tufnel Top Ten…Remastered

Three brilliant lists tonight, and a new level of graphic majesty from Geoff Stephen!  Am I ever glad we decided to “remaster” our Judas Priest top albums list from last year!  With the addition of John Snow and Geoff on graphs, we took it to the next level.

Geoff also took his graphs to record peaks.  Each album was weighted according to its place on our lists.  A #11 pick was worth one point.  A #10 was worth two points.  A #1 pick was worth 11 points.  A perfect score of 33 points would be possible if all three of us picked the same #1.  Spoiler alert:  one earned 32 points.

Great comments and audience participation this week too!  Your panel was myself and…

Plus a rabbit spotting, and great tunes from Max the Axe, Clockwork Orange, & brand new Tee-Bone!




  1. Geoff did an awesome job on the graphs and I enjoyed hearing everyone’s picks! It was fun chatting with you guys too, despite some disagreements here and there. But that’s what’s awesome about music lovers not everyone has to love the same thing!

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    1. Agreed about the music disagreements being a good thing, Lana!
      As someone who is new to the Judas Priest catalogue, it was neat hearing that some albums had polarizing reactions, others reached a consensus of being good but not necessarily the best, and then seeing that everyone was on the same page about the brilliance of the eventual winner!

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      1. Absolutely, Geoff! It made the show more enjoyable that you weren’t too familiar with Priest because you got to hear everyone’s thoughts and recommendations on which albums to check out. I’m still new to their catalog too, so I enjoyed hearing their recommendations as well. ‘Screaming for Vengeance’ and ‘British Steel’ are the band’s “big” albums, so it was cool to see Mike and the guys show love for albums like ‘Turbo,’ ‘Defenders of the Faith,’ and ‘Sin After Sin.’

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  2. Fun times Mikey!! I can’t wait to dive in to the rest of the albums to see if my list will change at all. When I am done, I will post the Album Rankings and it will be cool to see how that turns out.

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    1. As a fellow accounting enthusiast, John, I find my Top 11 lists are like Balance Sheets: a snapshot of the position at a specific date. The numbers could easily change by the next fiscal &/or album revisiting period!

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