What are the Top Debut Albums of All Time? Our panel decides!

Fascinating lists tonight, and a clear winner emerged!  This fantabulous list show was brought to you by:

This epic show included some surprises, including about 25% CanCon and none of them named “Rush”.  Even the picks that were only selected once included some pretty massive albums.  Check out the lists, and the graphs by Geoff, and let us know what you think about our picks!




    1. Paul Laine thanks to you buddy! And Coney Hatch thanks to Deke. Two albums on my list are ones I first heard in 2020!

      To me the biggest surprise is Cyndi Lauper! Great lists all around!

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      1. I really wasn’t expecting to see Rush or Kiss. But Zep was surprising. It was on both of our lists early on. I’m sure Breaking Loose is a fine album. It just no Gordon!


  1. Did I see someone recognize Helix? On one of those lists. Good call. They really knocked it out of the park on “No Rest For The Wicked” but never came close to topping that – I don’t know what exactly I would pick for this – maybe Ratt “Out of the Cellar” if you can look past the EP that came out a year before it – maybe GnR “Appetite for Destruction” – maybe Meatloaf if “Bat Out of Hell” is his 1st album and I think it was.

    I noticed someone mentioned Tori Amos – that is another really good pick.

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      1. I don’t know if I ever heard that album. I know they got dropped by Capitol Records and tried the indie label route for a bit. The Canadian band I preferred though out of that early 80’s class (Headpins, Helix, Coney Hatch, Kick Axe, White Wolf, Anvil, Razor) was KICK AXE. I loved that band and thought they should have been big.


  2. I was low-key hoping that Kevin was going to pick AC/DC’s debut album, but it’s understandable that their first album wasn’t their greatest and the ‘High Voltage’ (1976) album was basically a compilation of their first two albums in Australia. Props to Geoff for participating in the topic discussion and providing lovely graphs for the show. Great stuff, Mike!


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